hinge joint

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a joint allowing movement in one plane only

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Elbow joint is primarily a hinge joint with two basic functions.
6] Nm/rad for the harvesters of the given type) and the possibility of automatic control of the moment of stability in operation are considered to be an important approach in the development of hinge joint bearing construction.
to control abnormal STJ and MTJ pronation, by aligning the calcaneus with the lower 1/3 of the tibia and limiting the joint to its original function as a hinge joint.
1) This evolution has led to a modified hinge joint that allows for motion in both the coronal and axial planes.
Though weevils are clumsier than many other beetles, the transformation of a hinge joint into a screw joint made has them better climbers.
It had basically only one degree of freedom through the hinge joint which provided rotation in the sagittal plane and allowed the knee to be flexed to different flexion angles.
His original 1852 model was made with ivory earpieces connected to two curved metal tubes, held together by a metal hinge joint.
Hold the frame upside down by the grip and while holding the trigger to the rear, strike the frame just behind the hinge joint several sharp blows with a plastic or hardwood mallet.
Table 1 presents the number of hits within specific amplitude ranges from each day of monitoring the slab hinge joint.
A hinge joint in your body works much like a door hinge.