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the part of an animal that corresponds to the human buttocks

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In relation to the commercial cuts, bulls demonstrate a minor carcass proportion of hindquarters and a higher proportion of forequarters, leading to greater values in the carcass characteristics.
I saw the dog in the living room with the hindquarters stuck in the blind cord.
A sow, belonging to part-time farmer Darren Wyres, was attacked with an axe or something similar, causing a six-inch wound to its hindquarters.
Building a small cairn of rocks behind her he grasped the heifer by the hindquarters while she masticated and sometimes stared-- green drool burnishing her lips--vacantly into the DNA of tomorrow, her bones digging into his thighs, that tail twitching noiselessly.
This little dog has provided hours of entertainment, is an excellent rodent control expert, and earlier this year due to a slipped disk was completely paralyzed from the middle of his back through his hindquarters.
The meat, sourced from South Africa, are taken from the hindquarters of Burchell's zebra - named after British explorer William Burchell, and the only breed it's legal to farm.
Bear's hindquarters and (unnaturally long) tail are formed by the
2002) evaluating hindquarter yield based on the age of the animals, observed that with increasing age there was a tendency in obtaining heavier hindquarters.
Devon Loch's jockey, the late Dick Francis, who went on to find fame as an author, recalled: "I believe the noise of the crowd hit him and his hindquarters just refused to work.
The British Horseracing Authority recently handed out fines to Knott and Burke after Hunt Ball ran with bookmaker Paddy Power's name printed on his hindquarters at this year's Festival.
Delyth said: "The Irish Draught Horse Society (GB) works tirelessly to ensure that the breed conforms to the standard set by the mother Society in Ireland; a pleasant head, good, quality bone, short shins, deep body, good strong loins and hindquarters and an active, powerful stride.
The four of them laboured over the stallion's appearance and turned him out in splendid style, mane and tail braided with yellow silk, his coat glossy and hindquarters patterned, tack polished and gleaming.
Excelebration got an excellent view of Frankel's ample hindquarters last season, chasing him home on three starts when trained by Marco Botti.
223 bullet that had entered through the center of his chest and traveled the entire length of the body before stopping against the hide in his hindquarters.
These include loud yowling, rolling on the floor, raising the hindquarters and possibly a decrease in appetite.