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the back half of a side of meat

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What we see repeatedly, as the performers cavort in nudelike body stockings, are bent-over dancers, their legs straightened and facing upstage (with torsos out of sight)--like the hindquarter view of horses standing.
com/reports/c52396) has announced the addition of "Market Snapshot Report: Russia-Import-2005, Meat of Bovine Animals, Frozen: Boneless: Forequarters, "Compensated" Quarters in Two Blocks, One of Which Contains the Forequarter, and the Other, the Hindquarter, Excluding the Tenderloin, in One Piece, H" to their offering.
It appeared that his hindquarter was very tender, but no wounds were apparent.
The Co Sligo trainer said: "He had a wasted hindquarter and Sharon Kelly, the physio who worked on him, deserves a lot of the credit.
Research shows that the French are keen to buy top quality UK hindquarter cow beef for the first time in 10 years, but the market has changed since older cows like these were last on the market before the export ban.
The 18-year-old wrote the word `bacon' on Pig's ribs and `ham' on its hindquarter.
This week the British Food Standards Agency said it had found spinal cord in hindquarter sections sent to a British company from abattoirs in France and Germany.
Although sophisticated farmers are familiar with killing out percentages and the need for an attractive hindquarter, processors reckon few really understand saleable meat yield or the small proportion of high value cuts in a typical carcase.
The Meat Hygiene Service confirmed that on August 28 cord had been found in three hindquarter sections of meat sent to a British company from an abattoir in France.
The lower value of mince compared with hindquarter cuts does reduce the overall carcase value and we still need to find extra ways of adding value to the cheaper cuts.
He consistently produces temperamentally docile offspring with great muscular skeletal development, superior length and hindquarter development with correct locomotion.
These products use all parts of the carcase: shoulder, leg and loin in lamb, fore and hindquarter cuts for beef, while the pork range on display covered belly, shoulder, leg and loin.
And the owners of suckler cows that are below average weight, have been culled because of their poor condition score, or show obvious signs in the hindquarter, or across its back, of Holstein breeding should study the way prices are moving before deciding either to use the OTMS or take advantage of the market.