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Synonyms for hindmost

located in the rear

bringing up the rear

Synonyms for hindmost

located farthest to the rear

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Grab what you can while you can, and the devil take the hindmost.
Thatcher let loose the true Tory spirit of grab, grab and the devil take the hindmost.
He is the real inheritor of Maggie Thatcher's view of the world - devil take the hindmost.
It is a sink school, the inevitable product of an education policy designed to divide society, give opportunities to some and leave the devil to take the hindmost.
Trickle down Osbornomics, the devil taking the hindmost and the rest relying on the munificence of profit-hungry investors who view wages of hirelings as a cost to be eradicated, might work for hedge funds.
For example, Edward Chancellor titled his 1999 book on the history of speculation Devil Take the Hindmost, alluding to the fact that whoever is the last to be stuck with the asset ends up losing.
Sadly I think this has become the way people think and act ever since Margaret Thatcher introduced a devil take the hindmost society where people are judged on what they possess rather than the person they are.
At the bottom of it all, the devil is eating the hindmost.
The Tories' ideological goal, aided by the Lib Dems, is to shrink the state and roll back provision so the devil takes the hindmost.
Early on, the Army reasoned that it was cheaper to slightly upgrade an advanced model than to fully upgrade an early model tank, so the tendency was to keep further upgrading ever smaller subsets of the latest models into yet-further advanced ones, while the hindmost remained untouched.
Ruminations'' and ''Devil Take the Hindmost,'' as good as they are, are lonely affairs.
Welsh international youth rider Gwyn Lovibond (Rhyl CC) is also following the early bird ethos, similarly scoring second and third places in the Devil Take The Hindmost and Points races at the same meeting.
THE last event was a devil take the hindmost elimination race.
Toward the end of the century, the following became a well-recognized sentiment: "'Every man for himself, and the Devil take the hindmost.
On the thoracic pleura a line was measured (A) from the dorsolateral edge of the anterior of the pronotum to the hindmost articulation of the hind coxa with the thorax.