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Synonyms for hindmost

located in the rear

bringing up the rear

Synonyms for hindmost

located farthest to the rear

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Austerity was, is and always will be a Tory ideology, abandoning families, withdrawing services and letting the devil take the hindmost.
They will swear in Raila and let the devil take the hindmost.
Vesting postcombat stabilization responsibilities in a combination of hired hands in Raqqa and terrorist-abetting mass murderers elsewhere may be of no consequence to those who would define victory in eastern Syria as "beat Daesh and devil take the hindmost.
The line speed of the two teams in defence is incredible and with everything else that is going on, making sure players are always behind the hindmost foot, or to spot every bit of blocking, can become a hard thing to call on your own.
And the devil take the hindmost, as in 2008's subprime mortgage crisis, which nearly brought the temple of global finance down around the ears of the bankers and their technicians who so diligently built financial instruments that simply cascaded into nothing.
The latter can see some advantages but they don't believe in leaving everything to the market or letting the devil take the hindmost, not least because there's little or no sign that the British electorate really want to see us become the Hong Kong or Singapore of Europe.
I've never understood how nationalists can claim to be socialists unless they mean devil take the hindmost in Newcastle, or just the other side of the border.
Observing them all is a daunting task for backyard stargazers, so let's embark on a more casual exploration, limiting ourselves to a few in the region of the Big Bear's hindmost leg.
I am cheered enough to continue the journey toward the light, confident that I'm trailing an elegant bolt of imaginary cloth behind me, all devil-may-care, and devil take the hindmost.
seats in the diplomatic box may be reserved for the President of Austria, the New Year's concert is that rare occasion in the year when diplomats do not observe the pecking order or the Old World niceties with one another, but muscle in first-come, first-served, and the devil take the hindmost.
Sadly I think this has become the way people think and act ever since Margaret Thatcher introduced a devil take the hindmost society where people are judged on what they possess rather than the person they are.
At the bottom of it all, the devil is eating the hindmost.
Early on, the Army reasoned that it was cheaper to slightly upgrade an advanced model than to fully upgrade an early model tank, so the tendency was to keep further upgrading ever smaller subsets of the latest models into yet-further advanced ones, while the hindmost remained untouched.
Ruminations'' and ''Devil Take the Hindmost,'' as good as they are, are lonely affairs.