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Synonyms for hinder

Synonyms for hinder

to interfere with the progress of

Synonyms for hinder

put at a disadvantage

located at or near the back of an animal


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This study contributes needed preliminary research about the university student client perspective on factors that hinder the counseling alliance.
The available research on the impact of sexual self-esteem in women's lives reflects the need for a better understanding of the factors that facilitate or hinder sexual self-esteem (Anderson, 1999; Oattes & Offman, 2007).
The iPod will likely see stronger sales in the next two quarters because of the back-to-school and holiday seasons, according to Hinder, while iPhone sales will likely cool off following it's big launch in June.
We also have a problem with traffic build-up created by the new lights at Kenton Road/Lane which hinders egress from Rokerby Drive which is adjacent, and at times a car can only get out if cars approaching the lights will leave a gap.
Public policies that hinder immigrants' ability to become self-reliant, responsible community members hinder the success of all Americans.
I think because we have a bull's-eye on our back, Stew's going to have to be at his best,'' Servis said this week, referring to the possibility others will try to hinder Smarty Jones.
However, the CBO cautions that imposing standard policy designs could also hinder the growth of the private LTC insurance industry.
Michael Sippey, managing director for e-mail solutions agency Quris, believes recent legislative moves against spam will slightly hinder insurers' ability to market using e-mail.
Finally, after students have considered the above questions, they need to answer a further question in the Discussion Forum: "Did Civil Examinations hinder the scientific development in China?
Germany's answer has been to build complex systems that prevent abuses -- but they also hinder government action.
USING a mobile phone to make a 999 call could hinder rather than help the victim, according to new research today.
A recent article in the Journal of Gender-Specific Medicine that addressed competing legal rights--of women to abortions and of health care providers to the right of conscientious objection--offered the chilling suggestion that "state licensing agencies could take disciplinary action against pharmacists who hinder .
Under Colorado law, a conveyance is fraudulent when it is "made with the intent to hinder, delay, or defraud creditors," in this case, the IRS.
Problems such as incomplete and out of date statistical and survey data, quality assurance at the collection level, inconsistent terminology, and duplicative efforts, all hinder the effective use of information.