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Colonel John, who won the Santa Anita Derby and Travers Stakes in 2008, will be making his 2009 debut after missing the Strub Stakes because of a pulled muscle in the right side of his hind end.
She is very affectionate, but is often stiff in her hind end and may need to stay on anti-inflammatories to be comfortable.
Touch him on the flank and ask him to step his hind end over a step or two without moving forward, pushing in to you or moving his shoulders.
BACK UP: The horse's powerful hind muscles help to power it forward in a sprint, Nine different skeletal muscles work on each side of the horse's hind end.
Right now, I'm fully disgusted with California and the United States for allowing this to go on after I put my hind end on the line.
When the baboon is up in a tree, with its hind end facing us, there is the face of war exactly: scarlet, scaly, glazed, framed in a clotted, filthy wig.
The colt is a reformed character having been a `wobbler' - he had problems with his hind end conformation - in his early days.
Griswell grimaced as Penelope Jo tied one end of a rope around his hind end.
But when the buck did finally seem to calm down, he turned to the south, giving me only a view of his hind end.
Princess was slashed "very bad" around her shoulders, and had another slash wound near the top of her hind end.
Soon after we got home from Manitoba, one morning Bud showed up paralyzed in his hind end.
Stuffed somewhere in the hind end of a Trojan horse cleverly named Academic Freedom is a resurgent movement to undermine the teaching of evolutionary biology.
Wade Byrd, a veterinarian at Southland race tracks, took fat cells from the hind end of Greg's Gold and developed them into stem cells, which were then injected into the injured area to help alleviate the problem -- a tendon ligament that was tearing on the gelding's right tendon.