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a long walk usually for exercise or pleasure


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According to the GEO, the best hiking trails and locations for observing sunsets in Taipei include: Junjianyan Hiking Trail (Junjianyan) in Beitou District; Daluntoushan Hiking Trail (Chengfeng Fort) in Shilin District; Xiangshan Hiking Trail (The Six Giant Rocks and Photo-taking Platform) and Hushan Hiking Trail (9-5 Peak and Hushan Peak) in Xinyi District; Liyushan Hiking Trail (mountain top pavilion) and Zhongyongshan Hiking Trail (mountain top platform) in Neihu District; and Zhanghu Hiking Trail (Lingfeng Pavilion) and Denggao Hiking Trail (Wangyuan Pavilion) in Wenshan District.
SIHC strongly recommends that participants wear good hiking shoes and be prepared for a range of possible weather conditions," organizers said.
Call 978-534-7529 for updates to the hiking schedule.
A second hiking book of hers, "120 Hikes on the Oregon Coast" was recently re-issued by The Mountaineers Books under a new title, "Day Hiking: Oregon Coast.
She concluded that the majority of African-Americans avoid the outdoor scenery for the following reasons: They aren't aware of how hiking and other outdoor activities can improve their lives, and they feel uninvited because, during the marketing promotions, the faces on the outdoor hiking material are rarely those of African-Americans.
The warm days of summer are here; now is the time to dust off your kayak, lube your bike, take the cobwebs out of your canoe, waterproof your hiking boots, and squeeze your feet back into those climbing shoes.
Topics include what to take, who to take (if anyone), trails and terrain, staying safe, great long and short hikes in the US and Europe, and hiking vacations.
In Beauty May She Walk: Hiking The Appalachian Trail At 60 is the personal story of sixty-year-old Leslie Mass and her grueling 2,000-mile journey along the Appalachian Trail.
Plenty of hiking options are covered from short to long, hikes for kids and dogs, birders, historic hikes: just about any type needed.
Hiking Death Valley: A Guide To Its Natural Wonders And Mining Past is a travel guide for hikers of all backgrounds.
Join the more than 70 million others who have found that hiking not only improves fitness, but also gives them a fun, exhilarating experience.
According to the American Hiking Society, there are some 170,000 miles of trails in the United States.
Animals often hide when they hear a group of noisy campers hiking through the woods, but the signs of where they have been are everywhere.
After hiking the entire Appalachian Trail--2,160 miles through 14 states over 183 days--Jacques d'Amboise arrived at Atlanta's City Hall December 20.
This 565-acre park on the north side of Cushman Lake in the lower foothills of the Olympic Mountains offers a swimming beach, picnic sites, boat launches, and hiking trails.