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Synonyms for hiker


Synonyms for hiker

a foot traveler

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Charge the Trail: Nutrition for Long-Distance Hikers was created as a passion project to develop resources for hikers to learn about nutrition, as well as energy-dense recipes that are simple to make on a backpacking stove.
The Hiker Hostel caters to upscale hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Meanwhile, a vast number of Facebook users recognized the Filipina hikers along MacLehose Trail.
In the closing ceremony Zahid Mahboob, Director Training and Program congratulated the hikers for successful completion of the hike.
Some 550 soldiers, police and firefighters were involved in a major operation to try to save dozens of hikers feared stranded on the volcano since it erupted without warning -- spewing ash, rocks and steam into a sunny autumn weekend busy with tourists and hikers.
In February, eight hikers became lost in Saint Catherine, Sinai, during a blizzard that kept them trapped in the isolated Bab El-Donya Mountain.
But most people involved are good stewards of the land, picking up after themselves and each other, and almost all hikers welcome the kindness, which has become a cherished part of trail culture.
Additionally, the site is organized to make it easier for hikers to compare and choose trails that best suit their hiking preferences.
Prior to the return portion of their hike, the two hikers quarreled over the return route with the 44-year old hiker wanting to change plans and return by going off trail and taking a perceived short cut.
They were also asked how hungry, thirsty, and cold the hiker felt, and what their own political views were.
Summary: An American hiker has faced a harrowing ordeal after getting stuck on the side of a California cliff.
It's unclear who paid the bail, but signs point to the government of Oman, which played an instrumental role in the release of a third hiker, Sarah Shourd, who was released a year ago.
Samples collected at the middle of Riverside Walk were not collected in a path because no hiker was present at this site.
Now in a newly updated and expanded second edition, "The Trinity Alps Companion: Hiking Trails and Angling Tales in the California" is a guide to experiencing the trails of California's Trinity Alps, outlining everything a hiker needs to know from difficulty of terrain to important landmarks, good fishing spots, and much more.