hightail it

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IT'S high time we stopped slagging off celebrity Scots who hightail it south.
Soon they'll have to hightail it from their home before the sun brings the flood.
She makes no distinction between draft dodgers and those who voluntarily enlisted in the army, only to hightail it once they were asked to do their duty.
One, they can hightail it off the 70th floor of the Sears Tower and move HQ to a fortified compound in Idaho.
Luckily, Hastie managed to hightail it out of there before the dark exploiters of the world could catch him.
After one look, I wanted to hightail it back to Boise, get on a plane and go home.
But even then, most people and businesses didn't hightail it to Kansas.
Or even that "if you feel your hair stand on end," you should probably hightail it out of the area because things aren't looking so good.
Ready to hightail it back to AC HQ when ChefVernon Morales dashes out of Salt with a bundle in his arms.
My preference, actually, was to hightail it out of the store, completely overwhelmed.
And when his job was done, Dana didn't hop into an SUV and hightail it to the relative calm of West Jerusalem like his counterparts in the foreign press corps.
Don't try to follow me or I'll hightail it down the Vertebral Turnpike.
Witnesses saw two men hightail it in a pickup truck with a 136-pound, 6-foot-tall Mr.
The pitch: Four college dudes hightail it from Ithaca, N.
They didn't have time to hightail it back home, so they made a split-second decision to have the baby in Los Angeles.