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leave as fast as possible

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By breaking his maiden tag at the ninth attempt, Hightail entered the Breeders' Cup record books, firstly by having emerged victorious in the smallest field to contest a Breeders' Cup race and secondly by making Lukas the oldest trainer ever to win at the meeting.
daintily between trunks, approach to lick a groove, then hightail home.
State officials weighed Denham's history of leaving the state, his criminal history, the fact that Fort Worth police had arrested him for the minor offense of shoplifting and the prospect of spending several thousand dollars to retrieve a suspect who would probably hightail it the first time had a chance - and they decided to leave him in Texas.
So you write some prescriptions and hightail it out of the exam room.
Anyone seen Rory Sabattini lately trying to hightail it out of Sherwood?
One, they can hightail it off the 70th floor of the Sears Tower and move HQ to a fortified compound in Idaho.
After one look, I wanted to hightail it back to Boise, get on a plane and go home.
But even then, most people and businesses didn't hightail it to Kansas.
Or even that "if you feel your hair stand on end," you should probably hightail it out of the area because things aren't looking so good.
And they've been dangerous (in addition to the rafting incident, he has faced a potential avalanche, which caused him to hightail it out of the area).
My preference, actually, was to hightail it out of the store, completely overwhelmed.
And when his job was done, Dana didn't hop into an SUV and hightail it to the relative calm of West Jerusalem like his counterparts in the foreign press corps.
Witnesses saw two men hightail it in a pickup truck with a 136-pound, 6-foot-tall Mr.
Then you take that cage and you put it in the middle of a city, you open it, and you hightail it out of there.
If the canaries fell dead, the miners would hightail it out of there," Scannell said.