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This biography, packed with social history, paints a compassionate picture of a highly-strung, intelligent and courageous visionary.
Respect is surely due to Maslany in the lead, for having the gumption to pay all umpteen clones at once while keeping them all distinct and separate - streetwise Brit Sarah, the scary brutalised Ukrainian Helena, highly-strung suburban housewife Alison, geeky scientist Cosima and cold corporate schemer Rachel.
I was good at school work, but rude, I suspect, and too highly-strung.
Leading French bloodstock agent Gilles Forien bred the highly-strung colt, on behalf of the Renee Geffroy and Caragh umbrella, before he was knocked down to Coolmore for EUR750,000.
THE horses in the Grand National had no choice, made to travel four and a half miles with a strong possibility of being killed and being whipped during the race - hardly a way to treat these highly-strung beautiful animals.
Adrian Scarborough, right, who will be familiar to Gavin & Stacey fans as Peter Sutcliffe, plays the highly-strung, teetotal butler, Mr Pritchard.
It has all added up to another lost season for the highly-skilled yet highly-strung bowler who has missed large swathes of cricket since making his debut for the Bears in 2004.
Likely to have been poorly socialised as a youngster, your dog seems to be fearful and highly-strung when outdoors.
Phoebe', Mid Glamorgan LINDA SAYS: Family gatherings provoke such highly-strung people to get carried away on waves of emotion, turning waves to tsunamis before anyone realises what's what.
A STAFFIES are a highly-strung breed at the best of times and the trauma probably has stressed him out.
But then she finds herself at the beck and call of a highly-strung art collector and finds herself out of her depth.
As he is unravelling the mystery of Violet Park, Lucas starts to evaluate his own relationships with the adults around him, his slightly eccentric grandparents, his highly-strung mother and her boyfriend Bob.
As the day unfolds, Mitch watches aghast as his fellow servers, including highly-strung Naomi (Alanna Ubach), sweet and sensitive Amy (Kaitlin Doubleday), unlucky-in-love Calvin (Robert Patrick Benedict) and nice guy Dean (Justin Long) work themselves into the ground for pitiful tips.
Robert Bates (Ray) camps it up to amusing effect, Joanne Ellis (Connie) seeks to maintain some sort of calm and Mark Nattress turns up as the highly-strung photographer that nobody was expecting.
He was a highly-strung individual, who was subject to bouts of depression, timidity and anguish, brought on by the sinfulness of the people, to whom he was called to minister.