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For families that want to spend time together in superb style, the Highlife Collection NXT spa sets a new standard for hot tub design and performance.
Ireland's ski chalet specialists, Highlife, are encouraging snowlovers to get together by offering a free place to group bookings.
The first two chapters outline the emergence of hiplife music from earlier forms of highlife during the 1990s within the context of a period of extensive rural-urban migration in Ghana, when young people left their hometowns in greater numbers for the capital, Accra, or eventually even abroad, in search of modern careers outside of agriculture.
Gyan, known by his stage name aACAyBaby Jet' and Tagoe have been credited with award-winning rap duets such as aACAyAfrican Girls' and aACAyOdo Pa', which won the Highlife Song of the Year at the 2014 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards in May.
Ebo Taylor, Ghanaian band leader, guitarist, arranger and composer will bring his band and the genre he has led for decades - Highlife - to Cardiff.
The artists on this compilation of Ghanaian Highlife music may not be household names outside of the country and a small circle of African music enthusiasts, but today's dance hall DJs could do worse that drop a few of these tracks into their repertoire and watch a new generation react to the pop music of three or four decades past.
We have an expansive library of local and international albums and tracks available in nearly every genre including hip hop, highlife, gospel, and afrobeat.
The poll was conducted for British Airways Highlife Magazine, and it also revealed that 7 out of 10 travellers prefer to visit destinations to explore and experience a new culture.
The poll, which was run by British Airways Highlife Magazine, revealed that seven in 10 travellers choose destinations in which they can explore and experience a new culture.
I first heard 1970s Ghanaian highlife music in 2003.
8220;We are thrilled that Iqua Spin has been chosen to be included in the Highlife range of products.
Urs Althaus' autobiography--Ich, der Neger: Mein Leben zwischen Highlife und Pleiten--was published in German by Worterseh Verlag last November.
They see children playing basketball, a mirthful water-pistol chase, a family barbecue, musicians hanging out, the spoon man tapping rhythms for spare change, the poet "spittin' verses from the highlife cafe.
In doing this, we would identify the principles underlying the highlife jazz that evolved at the time, identify the musical elements that were incorporated into the music and suggest some fruitful directions that future theoretical and analytical enquiry of other popular music genres might take.
Among the topics discussed by the papers are the technological adaptation of imported cars by Ghanaians, the adaptation of Toyota pick-ups into modern "chariots" in Tuareg rebellions, the moral geographies of car travel in Ghana, the role of transport workers in the leftist Sawaba movement of Niger, the entrepreneurial behavior of second-hand car traders in Benin, spiritual and occult practices in motor vehicle travel in Ghana, and the connections between cars and the Highlife musical genre of West Africa.