highland fling

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a vigorous Scottish reel

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Then we heard about Highland Fling in Perthshire and instantly thought diving into the River Garry gorge would be truly breathtaking.
A Highland fling was performed and the cast formed a celtic knot before departing.
They dance a lively Highland Fling As Autumn's bagpipe breezes sing.
And he became the first person to hold the course record for all three of the West Highland Way ultras - the West Highland Way Race, The Highland Fling, and Devil O' the Highlands.
Britain's best surfers will be out in Cornwall Pictures: ALAMY/PA; Highland fling.
Probably I'm being too literal here, but, please, Sean Curran, wouldn't you like to have a highland fling with this?
I wouldn't expect them to do the Highland Fling after a performance like that.
The splendid trundling ox cart was wonderfully featured from some of Mussorgsky's Pictures, the evening ending with a rumbustious Highland fling sending us jigging into the night.
Scottish settlers added arm movements from their Highland fling.
The fury of flamenco, a lively Highland Fling and the heartfelt tunes and dances of the gypsy group The Nightwood Band will set your soul to singing
Highland fling The Tartan Belles gave up their time for free to entertain residents
The jump crew at Highland Fling Bungee were the witnesses as Ross Basham, 33, and Hannah Phillips, 27, tied the knot at Garry Bridge, Perthshire.
Walking Through History: Victoria and Albert's Highland Fling Channel 4, 8pm Tartan, bagpipes, caber tossing - are they part of Scotland's proud and ancient heritage, or did they grow out of a romanticised Victorian vision of what Highland life was like?
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