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2) Laffey suggests that Chomsky therefore has a lot to offer the sometimes hubristic, often esoteric, theory-driven discipline of IR by bringing the empirical world and simple moral truths to a discipline more likely to obfuscate ethics with questions of power and cover up the empirical simplicities of the world with highfaluting theory.
Defying Gravity (BBC Two, 9pm) THE title may make this new drama sound like a science show, but don't panic - you're not about to have your brain cells fried by a boffin explaining some highfaluting concept or other.
com succeeds where so many highfaluting operations fail by knowing its audience and taking pleasure in communicating with it.
And highfaluting Tory talk of redistributing power is hot air when slippery David Cameron dismisses as "irrelevant" the most fundamental reform of them all.
Which all sounds very highfaluting when what many people want to look at are the hatches, matches and dispatches and find out where their team stands in the snooker league.
His valid wife had died years earlier and his highfaluting friends had moved on after realizing they could not be entertained in the manner to which they were accustomed.
Is it not more important that Mr Brown simply gets on with the job of providing competent, low-key Government than setting out highfaluting "visions?
The latest branch of Monster Mash may have opened on Thistle Street in Edinburgh's upmarket New Town but there is nothing highfaluting about the grub on offer.
Most of these rulers took on quite highfaluting titles upon ascending to the throne--Panembahan Adi Pakoe Negara (Abang Barita), Pangeran Adipati Mangkoe Negara (Abang Soerija and Abang Tellah), Pangeran Adipati (Abang Oetih), and Pangeran Ratoe Adi Pakoe Negara (Abang Tanah)--suggesting that the older abang honorific was fine for "everyday use" but just no longer in style when one got to the throne.
I started at Norwich with all these highfaluting ideas of what we were and what we were not going to do and very quickly you learn you just do what you can and try to get results.
He also discusses what makes birders tick - and if it sounds a bit highfaluting, perhaps pretentious at times, it is after all one man's verdict which is likely to be subject of hot debate whenever and wherever the tribe gets together.
Such big, highfaluting ideas--I am always searching for ways to put them on the kitchen table.
Or perhaps she has other motives as Ken drops in again tonight for another of their fabulously highfaluting little chats.
Highfaluting educationalists argue free-spirited children should learn by pursuing their own interests, whereas the more traditional among us would argue that teacher knows best.
You can either be terribly highfaluting and talk about philosophy or be dull and talk about technicality.