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of, being, located at, or forming the top

preeminent in rank or position

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Seen from a lower point of view, the Constitution, with all its faults, is very good; the law and the courts are very respectable; even this State and this American government are, in many respects, very admirable, and rare things, to be thankful for, such as a great many have described them; seen from a higher still, and the highest, who shall say what they are, or that they are worth looking at or thinking of at all?
The pines have developed their delicate blossoms on the highest twigs of the wood every summer for ages, as well over the heads of Nature's red children as of her white ones; yet scarcely a farmer or hunter in the land has ever seen them.
The amphitheatre was packed, from the bull-ring to the highest row - twelve thousand people in one circling mass, one slanting, solid mass - royalties, nobles, clergy, ladies, gentlemen, state officials, generals, admirals, soldiers, sailors, lawyers, thieves, merchants, brokers, cooks, housemaids, scullery-maids, doubtful women, dudes, gamblers, beggars, loafers, tramps, American ladies, gentlemen, preachers, English ladies, gentlemen, preachers, German ditto, French ditto, and so on and so on, all the world represented: Spaniards to admire and praise, foreigners to enjoy and go home and find fault - there they were, one solid, sloping, circling sweep of rippling and flashing color under the downpour of the summer sun - just a garden, a gaudy, gorgeous flower-garden
I refer to 'chief' surgeons; but considering the exalted positions occupied by our clients, it will be well and decorous that each of us appoint several consulting surgeons, from among the highest in the profession.
Annual volumes in 2013 grew 43 per cent from 2012 to reach 13,759,255 contracts, the Exchange's highest ever.
8% (2nd highest in the world) Amount spent by tourists from the UK PS36,462m (3rd highest in world) Total music sales including downloads PS835m (3rd highest in world) British museum visits 5.
5 minutes last season - the fourth highest rate among defenders 3 Distin's record of a headed clearance every 13.
The festival marked its 50th birthday this year with an impressive array of silverware, including a new trophy donated by musician Sylvia Richmond for the highest mark in the piano duet classes, which was then presented to the young people by the Deputy Mayor, local councillors and donors of the trophies.
The highest price is for 108p for unleaded and 114p for diesel.
REBNY's Cooperative and Condominium Reports, the most comprehensive available for the Manhattan market, reported that the Downtown area (South of 42nd Street) had the highest neighborhood median sales price for condominiums at $849,000, a 27% increase from last year.
1) In a cross-sectional survey among women in primary care settings, the reported prevalence of lack of condom use with a male partner was highest among heterosexual women (54%), the prevalence of regular substance use during sex was highest among bisexual women (36%), and the prevalence of sex with bisexual men was highest among lesbian women (36%).
In the event of a tie on Highest, Longest, Most challenges (for example, if two teams have a 20-stair ollie) both teams get the 50 points.
30pm): 8-11 S Murphy/S Davis, 100110 50-ups, 14-17 ton-ups, 50-60 Murphy/Davis 50-up supremacy, 9-12 Murphy/Davis ton-up supremacy, 100-103 highest break, 95-98 Murphy highest break, 61-64 Davis highest break; follows: 10-13 R O'Sullivan/J White, 115-125 50-ups, 1518 ton-ups, 55-65 O'Sullivan/White 50-up supremacy, 10-13 O'Sullivan/White ton-up supremacy, 104-107 highest break, 98-101 O'Sullivan highest break, 64-67 White highest break.
The Lexus SC430 ranked highest for the second consecutive year, with 54 problems per 100 vehicles reported for the premium luxury car.