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Although a vindictive higher-up can cause an employee a considerable amount of grief, the risks are more fancied than real.
He was supposedly scheduled for a meeting with Sony CEO Kaz Hirai and other higher-ups.
Aimed at those in business, this volume collects 24 articles (most published by Harvard Business Review or on the Harvard Business Review website and blog) on how to manage up and across the company to solve problems, establish authority with higher-ups, increase effectiveness, make work more enjoyable, and other goals.
Johnson is a skilled Lego hobbyist, and his work experience a few years ago at a children's camp that uses Lego to foster creativity impressed the higher-ups at Lego, as did his one-minute video resume featuring a Lego catapult firing a boulder at a dragon.
Babu Joseph, executive director of Eurotech, where the students are studying, said he took up the matter with higher-ups in the police and informed the Human Rights Commission about the harassment.
According to the announcement, the Director had resigned over lack of trust in him on the part of higher-ups and personal reasons, but unconfirmed reports claim he had been fired as well.
While this book is aimed at those in 'industry' who are developing the methods the clinical laboratory uses, you will find much useful information not just about assay development but working with your vendors and the higher-ups in your job.
Betrayal focuses not only on Capria's battle with higher-ups in the prison system, but it also details Capria's search for legal representation and his quest for a return to normalcy.
The Brigade commander claims not to have known there were civilians in the home, and the investigation has been opposed by several military higher-ups.
The Israeli military believes the incident was caused by a radical Lebanese army officer who was not acting on orders from higher-ups, defense experts said.
Officers took the accuser's statement but didn't proceed further and didn't clear that decision with higher-ups.
Sources said that the SB had completed a database of illegal residents in the provincial capital and had forwarded reports to the higher-ups, according to which more than 10,000 foreigners of African origin are living illegally in the provincial capital.
Gagalis contended he was the fall guy for higher-ups at Cabletron--once New Hampshire's largest employer--including Cabletron co-founder Craig Benson.
Furthermore, the incentive pay raises are expected to go largely to higher-ups, rather than get spread out amongst mid-level employees who have, in the past, directed their year-end checks toward down payments on new vacation homes.
After orders from the higher-ups, we asked the detainees to leave, but they have refused to leave the detention center,'' Deputy Superintendent of Police Surendra Bahadur Singh told Kyodo News.