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higher rank than that of others especially by reason of longer service

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Research also showed that those who shop online for items such as groceries hold higher status because they are too busy to visit the grocery store; and, those who wear Bluetooth headphones, which enable music and phone conversation, carry greater status than those wearing music-only headphones.
Other sources of status come from society around us: older people have higher status than younger, those with the most-recent knowledge--for example, social media--than those with less-recent knowledge.
The JCB Ultimate card is the first JCB card in Southeast Asia to be issued with a higher status than JCB Platinum.
In other words, when it looks deliberate, a person can appear to have a higher status and sense of competency.
Turkey was announced about a year ago as a dialogue partner by the organization, but at the beginning of this year, the Turkish Foreign Ministry made clear that it wants higher status.
The IRGC has a higher status, which is that of the whole nation.
This is helping more women continue into tertiary education and get better paid, higher status jobs," Hodgson added.
Improved benefits include enhanced priority travel services such as a complimentary checked baggage allowance, higher upgrade priority for higher status members, exclusive partner offers and new incentives such as tier status gifts, as well as the creation of a new dedicated website altitude.
There are many parts to our identity, and it may help to call to mind parts where we feel we have higher status when we're shopping.
Partners are participating managing directors who are granted higher status and financial rewards.
Do we lack mental faculties in clinching the higher status of doctors, engineers, said a group of students.
It is a big, big game but our lads love nothing more than testing themselves against opposition from a higher status so going there in the unusual position of underdogs will suit us fine," Rhyl boss Greg Strong said.
They will not accept any alternative, especially the higher status "Russell Group" of universities.
The club is appealing for support from the public and businesses to aid their bid for higher status.
The Premier League view progression through the leagues as sacrosanct and would not countenance any suggestion that the likes of Wigan and Fulham could be punished for relying on the largesse of benefactors to propel them to a higher status than they would otherwise have achieved.
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