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higher rank than that of others especially by reason of longer service

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As many of the colonels covered never graduated to a higher rank, they have received little scholarly attention prior to this work.
Another officer, also in a higher rank, was accused of giving false information related to the dates of the arrest of those two detainees.
Admirals and Generals to be promoted to a higher rank and colonels to be appointed as generals and admirals will be determined during the gathering that will reshape TSK's command chain, officials said.
The status of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) personnel to retire or to be promoted to a higher rank will be discussed during the council's regular meeting.
If hitting the books gains nurses a higher rank or higher pay grade, then Hear, hear
3 : to raise to a higher rank : promote <She was advanced from teller to assistant bank manager.
Who had higher rank, the praetor or the officials protecting plebeian rights?
He is ambitious but cannot afford to buy a higher rank in his regiment and must try to earn it in the field.
High brokenness correlates with bigger body size and higher rank.
Since generating additional services is obviously an important component of the performance evaluations of higher rank auditors (Emby and Etherington 1996), it may appear that higher rank auditors would be influenced more by the presence of additional business opportunities than lower rank auditors.
State units on aging responsible for distributing the largesse provided by the federal Department of Health and Human Services' Administration on Aging (AoA) did give a relatively higher rank to depression.
111), it is in the order of Providence that lower things should be subject to the influence of higher things, so that just as the angels of lower rank receive enlightenment from angels of higher rank, so men, being inferior to angels by nature, receive enlightenment from them.
Accepting that premise, therefore, the literary validity of Vasari's lives of Renaissance artists could stand on a par with Boccaccio's treatment of the earlier "lives" of merchants and scoundrels, as well as, say, Pietro Aretino's spotlight on courtiers, parasites, and opportunists of higher rank.
The Air Force athlete with a rank of Airwoman Second Class will also be promoted to the next higher rank, PAF spokesperson Col.
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