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a tall glass for serving highballs

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com/recipes/geoffrey-zakarian/tequila-sunrise-2810699) Geoffrey Zakarian from the Food Network has a great recipe for this drink: In a highball glass filled with ice, pour in 1 AaAaAeAe1/2 ounces Tequila and AaAaAeAe3/4 cup of orange juice.
Pour the ingredients in the order as listed above into a tall pilsner or highball glass.
Shake all the ingredients together and strain into a 12oz highball glass over crushed ice.
Pour into a highball glass and garnish with the mint sprig.
We asked 48 Philadelphia bartenders to pour a gin and tonic into either a highball glass or a short, wide tumbler.
Pour creme de menthe over ice cubes in a chilled 12-ounce highball glass.
Basically, consumers are ordering beer, accompanied by a highball glass that is rimmed with salt, and filled with ice and three fingers of a strange mixture that includes all or most of the following: lime juice, tabasco, worcestershire, soy sauce, pepper and (in some cases) Maggi soup flavorings.
Spain makes two series of glasses in a pale gray-green tint: Luna glasses include a 16-ounce highball glass ($7) and an eight-ounce wine glass ($6); Verde glasses feature an 18-ounce highball ($4), a double margarita ($5), double old-fashioned ($4) and a wine glass ($5).
Cut the lime in wedges and place in a large highball glass.
Add your KFC Gravy into the mix, stir all of the ingredients together and pour into a fresh highball glass.
For the perfect serve, the distillery recommends serving the liqueurs over ice in a highball glass topped with soda, a dash of bitters and a fresh garnish.
Shake and strain the beverage into a highball glass.
Serve in a highball glass with plenty of ice and add a splash of cranberry juice and squeeze of fresh lime for a modern twist on a sea breeze cocktail.
Chartreuse, lemon juice and beer in an ice-filled highball glass.
Pour into a highball glass, ensuring that all of the lime and sugar are included.