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a mixed drink made of alcoholic liquor mixed with water or a carbonated beverage and served in a tall glass

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Each diver played a vital role in the mission which involved a series of exploratory dives at depths of up to 50 metres to identify which Highballs were suitable for recovery, and then secure them for lifting.
Pour the ingredients in the order as listed above into a tall pilsner or highball glass.
Aunque los ingredientes varian, la siguiente receta garantiza un bloody Mary perfecto: en un mezclador, se vierte una cantidad generosa de salsa Worcestershire--conocida como <<salsa inglesa>>--, salsa tabasco, salsa piri piri--hecha a base del chile Capsicum frutescens--, consome de res o caldo de pollo en polvo, rabano picante--Armoracia rusticana--, cuatro partes de sal por dos de pimienta negra y dos de pimienta roja o de Cayena, el jugo de un limon y sal de apio; se anaden dos onzas de vodka y dos onzas de jugo de tomate espeso; se mezclan gentilmente los ingredientes, y el liquido se cuela, para luego servirse en un vaso de highball con hielo picado; el vaso se adorna con una rama de apio, una rodaja de limon y una o dos aceitunas.
Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a highball glass over crushed ice.
One grandmother's skin after a highball turns peach, the
Lacking a mixer, I lightened it with a splash of tap water and drank it straight from a highball glass.
They learn how to make everything from a simple highball popper--whisky and ginger ale in an 8-ounce "Old-Fashioned" glass--to a wide variety of scandalous-sounding concoctions.
Serve in a highball or pilsner glass garnished with two orange slices.
Shake all the ingredients together and strain into a 12oz highball glass over crushed ice.
Here are all the classics plus new cocktails such as Bali Highball.
But some participants were given short, wide tumblers while others were given tall, slender highball glasses.
Koziol, the masters of novelty plastic home accessories, has combined pale aqua -- one of this season's hot colors -- with highball glasses for your summer entertaining needs.
Irresponsible Freaks, Highball Guzzlers, and Unabashed Grafters: A Bob Edwards Chrestomathy edited by James Martin.
We asked 48 Philadelphia bartenders to pour a gin and tonic into either a highball glass or a short, wide tumbler.
Basically, consumers are ordering beer, accompanied by a highball glass that is rimmed with salt, and filled with ice and three fingers of a strange mixture that includes all or most of the following: lime juice, tabasco, worcestershire, soy sauce, pepper and (in some cases) Maggi soup flavorings.