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a tightrope very high above the ground

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Watching a clip of the double high-wire act on the Internet was jaw-dropping.
One reason the Saudi government has assumed such a public high-wire act in attempting to increase production quotas to lower oil prices is the belief that an Obama presidency would lead to a more isolationist U.
Real conversation is a high-wire act without a net, carrying the emotional risk that we will say something we don't mean--or worse, something we mean deeply, but did not intend to say.
The high-wire act of becoming the engine for such a redemptive gaze is ultimately much more than a politics; it is a metaphysics, a commitment to skate eternally on a surface of immediate presence because that is where we are, together, and it is really real and really, really great here right now.
CULTURE Secretary Tessa Jowell's husband David Mills is a lawyer who specialises in that tricky financial high-wire act, international tax avoidance.
I am not intending to lose it, but it is a bit of a high-wire act just at the moment, I accept that," he said during his monthly Press conference.
The high-wire act was part of a special patrol infiltration and extraction system training exercise at Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras, 50 miles northwest of the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa.
There is a profile of Karl Wallenda, of the world-famous Flying Wallendas high-wire act.
Director Mark Steven Johnson pulls off a neat high-wire act himself, keeping comic book junkies sweet while turning the rest of us on to the man behind the Daredevil mask.
Architect Charles Debbas' s innovative design for the new bedroom wing was like a high-wire act from Cirque du Soleil, using form and color to reinvigorate the entire house.
Minkow's high-wire act merely included a collage of check kiting, loan fraud, and fictitious record-keeping activities that duped everyone from shareholders to accountants to the country's most savvy investment bankers.
Judging whose writing should be included is without question a precarious high-wire act, though critically acclaimed writers like Erdrich, Leslie Marmon Silko, and Paula Gunn Allen were shoo-ins.
I had no opportunity to explain, to defend myself, or even to ask Ernesto to explain his game, that high-wire act he'd been trying to negotiate ever since he'd made that hapless nurse the mother of an unwanted child.
Instead of performing a high-wire act with one's finances, you can take advantage of a service that is popular at almost all major brokerage firms, mutual fund companies and banks.