high-water mark

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a line marking the highest level reached

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Executives from a number of companies said that 2011 was expected to be the best in the region since 2008, considered a high-water mark for the auto industry.
Ms Swinburne said: "This package must be seen as the high-water mark of European financial supervision and not the first step towards handing over these powers to Brussels.
Anyway, it was the stock's high-water mark for the 21st century.
Edmonton's recent struggles seemed to provide a perfect opportunity for the Kings to reach a high-water mark.
That was a 2 percent increase over 2003, but still far from the industry's high-water mark of $3.
If recent history is any indication, Walsh said he knows DAV recruiters and NSOs won't be satisfied with this new high-water mark.
Soon antigay activists and politicians were involved, and the ensuing legal battle became what has since been described as a high-water mark for gay and lesbian inequality.
The incentive fees are usually subject to hurdle rate and high-water mark provisions.
This is the high-water mark for TARDEC for congressional adds," said Richard E.
With the release David Cronenberg's Spider and Denys Arcand's Les Invasions barbares, two outstanding films by our best directors (both of which appeared on the recent TIFF list of the top Canadian films of all time), a record four films that broke the $5-million bar at the domestic box office (Seraphin, Seducing Doctor Lewis, Doctor Lewis, Les Invasions barbares and Mambo Italiano), significant wins at Cannes (Best Screenplay and Best Actress for Les Invasions barbares) and Canada's second Oscar[R] for a fictional feature (Best Foreign-Language Film for the aforementioned Les Invasions), 2003 will go down as a high-water mark for future generations to match.
The policy locks in the contract's high-water mark to determine annuitization value.
Whatever their short-term legal fate, the San Francisco weddings mark a new high-water mark in one of the most fast-paced cultural tsunamis America has seen.
Another high-water mark for karaoke was in 1985, when an entrepreneur in Okayama Prefecture, western Japan, got his hands on an old shipping container and fixed it up into tiny private cubicles.
Worse, Mises was a champion of radical laissez faire at the high-water mark for Keynesian planning.
His short but eventful career started with a debut goal at Liverpool and reached its first high-water mark with his winner at Lazio in the second group phase of the Champions League two seasons ago which virtually assured Leeds a place in the last eight.