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the tide when the water is highest

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I like to use action tails on high-water drop-shot rigs instead of finesse lures.
Contract notice: Creating a high-water basin management plans" of a contract.
Protect your investment by making sure your bilge system is operating properly and your high-water alarm is fully functional, and loud.
The Game'' comes from creator Mara Brock Akil, whose ``Girlfriends'' virtually represented UPN's high-water sitcom mark, admittedly not a treacherous goal to vaunt.
How high above sea level is the Mississippi River's average high-water mark?
If recent history is any indication, Walsh said he knows DAV recruiters and NSOs won't be satisfied with this new high-water mark.
The policy locks in the contract's high-water mark to determine annuitization value.
However, a 5% decrease in cost/lb was achieved with the high-water formulation.
Of all the buildings analysed, the tower houses of the north-east of Scotland represent the architectural high-water mark of the post-1603 period.
We have the utmost respect for the exceptional craftsmanship and design of each of Stonefield's exquisite custom residences and 21 High Water in Crystal Cove sets a new high-water mark for luxury living along the California Riviera.
Italy is currently under a nationwide rainstorm and autumn marks the beginning of the high-water season, which has been particularly severe this year," reported Gazzetta del Sud online.
The jobless rate also was reflected in Business Outlook Index, which climbed 5 points to 139, marking the fourth consecutive quarter that the index has increased, and surpassing the high-water mark set in the third quarter 2004.
Authorities responsible for disaster prevention estimate that the level of the Elbe River will only reach about 50 cm above the anticipated tidal high-water mark.
And it's a good high-water mark, as far as where we are in our training.
The non-hydrolyzable, low-combustibility surfactant, trade named Y-10653, reportedly optimizes foam processing and properties in high-water formulations.