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Synonyms for high-voltage

operating on or powered by a high voltage

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vigorously energetic or forceful

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Target: ABB/ high-voltage underground transmission cable manufacturing plant in Huntersville, North Carolina
The facility covers 240,000-square-feet and features state-of-the-art technology for producing high-voltage and extra high-voltage underground transmission cables, ranging from 230kV to 400kV.
The completion of the second phase means that Yazaki has moved the manufacturing of high-voltage cables to a facility in North America.
This is necessary to maintain approximately equal neutron collection in each region with a single high-voltage and constant fill gas pressure.
A hard arc is a high-current arc-over, usually seen as a distinct bright white or yellow spark from the high-voltage emitter of the charging applicator to a conductive surface, such as the cavity of the metal mold.
We believe the high-voltage power converter has great potential for fuel cell vehicles and stationary applications," said Enova president and CEO Carl Perry.
In developing its I3T50 technology, AMIS employed a proprietary deep trench isolation (DTI) technique that allows isolation distances between an ASIC's high-voltage devices to be dramatically reduced.
Ceramic and glass have long been the materials of choice for high-voltage insulators, offering long-term resistance to electrical stress and outdoor exposure without significant deterioration in most environments.
As the demand for energy saving and environmental protection increases and the equipment upgrading speeds up, China's high-voltage inverter industry has achieved steady growth, the market size has increased from RMB1.
Combined with a high-voltage motor, a high-voltage inverter used for high-voltage power supplies (3kV or more) has an energy saving effect by controlling the motor s rotational speed.
com/research/e4c1d8/chinas_highvolta) has announced the addition of the "China's High-Voltage Switch Industry Report, 2010-2011" report to their offering.
Industry-benchmark High-Voltage CMOS technology offers industry-first RF (Radio Frequency) integration and high density SoC (System on a Chip) capability
com/research/d4fdd1/china_highvoltage) has announced the addition of the "China High-voltage Inverter Industry Report, 2009-2010" report to their offering.
High-voltage switchgear mainly includes CB, GIS, H-GIS, DS, ES and load switches.
Successfully introduced already in May 2006, foundry customers benefit from a fully qualified, high-volume production proven and mature High-Voltage CMOS technology ideally suited for emerging applications such as sensor interfaces, power over ethernet, motor controllers and a variety of automotive applications.
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