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operating at high speed


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In learning institutions, particularly one as spectacular as the Naval Postgraduate School, they use the engine of high-velocity learning, which is very similar to the scientific method," continued Richardson.
The reality is that in many cases, operating a high-velocity supply chain on a global scale is impractical or uneconomical--and often both.
Drops were conducted in both low-velocity environments with the standard G-12 chute and high-velocity environments with the standard 26-ft ringslot chute.
BOX FANS: The large box-shape, non-oscillating fan called a high-velocity air circulator was a staple of the '70s and '80s but is now considered passe by decorators.
10) Lyons distinguished high-velocity from low-velocity nail guns by their mechanism of firing action.
Blum says that LaserControl is effective in high-speed, high-velocity and high-accuracy machining applications that require tool integrity.
Modular in design, they are easily adaptable to most types of production lines, and deliver a continuous sheet of precisely controlled high-velocity air for stripping away moisture or loose particles.
Interweaving their conversations and confessions with high-octane, high-velocity sequences conveying the riot of consciousness in each woman's head, Atomic Sake delivers a tautly constructed and engaging drama of disclosure.
22 LR ammunition are: subsonic, standard, high-velocity and hyper-velocity loadings.
The company incorporates quirky humor and high-velocity moves in Versus.
Edgy voices--one deadpan, the other a wailing vibrato, like a kamikaze Belinda Carlisle--take you on a high-velocity teeter-totter ride.
This dampens the surge effect and prevents transitory periods of high-velocity air flow in the piping.
The Westinghouse/Cooperheat process uses high-velocity combustion technology to heat the embrittled reactor vessel gradually to approximately 850 [degrees] F, maintain that temperature as long as needed to achieve the desired degree of recovery, and slowly cool the steel to avoid inducing stress and distortion to the vessel, supports, and adjacent components.
Ingersoll makes a distinction between high-speed machining and high-velocity machining.
This minimally invasive spine procedure uses a high-velocity waterjet to quickly and safely decompress herniated discs, providing immediate relief to patients suffering from back and/or leg pain.