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subjected to or capable of operating under relatively high voltage

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In each case, the worn foil (cycled 10,000 times) performed better in the high-tension frame than in the standard frame.
The trunks used as a substitute obviously lack all such qualities and may definitely bring town the high-tension cables in case of a fire, road traffic accident or flooding.
A kite fell on the high-tension wire that passed adjacent to his house.
The Rhesus macaque that got electrocuted fell on a high-tension wire in the industrial area of Kolshet in Thane on February 4 and got badly burnt, Majumdar said.
BEIRUT: The struggle between residents of the Metn town of Mansourieh and the government over a project to install high-tension electricity lines is reminiscent of popular uprisings in the Arab world, according to former Social Affairs Minister Salim Sayegh.
Summary: JEDDAH: A municipal official warned that the bridge-and-tunnel project at the Ship Roundabout where King Abdul Aziz Road intersects King Abdullah Road would be delayed due to problems in the relocation of high-tension electricity cables at the site.
The project, dubbed Transgreen, aims to bring together power companies, network operators and high-tension equipment makers under the leadership of French energy giant Electricite de France, the sources said.
The secret is the Run-N-Gun's unique inverted high-tension framework that works sort of like an inside-out, upside-clown umbrella.
The belt retains the same design features that allow the unit to minimize cage bar wear, maintenance costs and downtime in the most demanding high-tension spiral applications.
Ashworth has created a solution to help processors pinpoint undetected high-tension problems in spirals to extend belt life and prevent unexpected breakdowns.
To help them cope, Ashworth has come out with a tension gauge for processors to easily pinpoint undetected high-tension problems to prevent spiral breakdowns and extend the life of the freezers.
Guests played in a high-tension Texas Hold'Em tournament, until the last remaining player was eventually crowned Cobbetts Poker Champion 2008.
THESE games are always high-tension fixtures and I feel that yet again it will be a tight affair.
The rookie follows the signature style and high-tension situations of '24' and episodes debuted at www.
The second project on the table concerns a 190 km (132 kilovolt) high-tension electricity line connecting the Zambian and Namibian grids, passing through the "Caprivi strip", a narrow band of land extending over 480 km in the North-West of Namibia between Botswana, Southern Angola, Northern Zambia and Kavango.
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