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Synonyms for high-spirited

Synonyms for high-spirited

very brisk, alert, and full of high spirits

full of or characterized by a lively, emphatic, eager quality

Synonyms for high-spirited

joyously unrestrained

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Back in 1995, I was coaxed into riding a very young, high-spirited, moody, male Tennessee Walker, and when I got on the horse, it took off on a frenzied gallop.
Were it not for his high-spirited drive, Poses might have coasted to retirement as president and COO of AlliedSignal (since merged into Honeywell International); in fact, he easily could have quit working altogether, thanks to the financial performance of that company under Larry Bossidy.
Sometimes she gets a bit high-spirited though she never makes a fool of herself.
More than the dazzling effects, high-spirited derring-do, and martini-dry wit, it's the camera's compassionate glance into the full-size frailties and fears of these "wee folk" --coming of age in a bedroom where little boys don't stay small forever--that touches the heart and tweaks the soul.
Although the story is improbable, it is saved by Hope's high-spirited and often ironic tone.
Like a manic-depressive teen, the book veers between dour sociological diagnoses of twenty-something disenfranchisement and high-spirited amor fati of downward mobility--e.
It seems that Baida used to dream about stern old Benjamin Franklin and high-spirited young Huck Finn wrestling with his soul.
The high-spirited pair, both veterans of World War II, often joke that they won the war between the two of them, with Joe in the Black Watch and Bob an RAF pilot.
Set in western Indian Territory in the early 1900s, the high-spirited rivalry between the local farmers and cowboys provides colorful background for the show.
This high-spirited look at the life of the great gay actor covers everything from his British stage triumphs to his 1953 tearoom arrest to his Oscar for Arthur.
Amid this high-spirited party of scantily clothed figures (representing vanity rather than pride to this eye), the reentrance of Goldhuber, regal in guru-type robes, brought pride down to earth with a bump.
And that is how, in typically high-spirited waterfront style, one group of people was told that the Anglican Church's 144-year-old commitment to "they that go down to the sea in ships" would be entering a new phase.
I think it was just a high-spirited prank, but it doesn't excuse that sort of outrageous behaviour.
Anne, a red-haired Canadian orphan, is an imaginative, high-spirited girl who speaks her mind.