high-speed steel

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an alloy steel that remains hard at a red heat

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In the range of 30xD, coating, tip grind, and coolant options are limited to a generic high-speed steel drill.
These inserts are expensive to purchase but allow us to operate at high cutting speeds unlike the majority of taps that are made from high-speed steel and must operate at low cutting speeds.
Method of production of semi-products for tools of high-speed steel and device for its realization.
75 high-speed steel bit, a $6 "black oxide" bit, a $7 cobalt bit and a $9.
This tool is essentially a tube made of high-speed steel.
Products are manufactured in cemented carbide, high-speed steel and other hard materials such as diamond and special ceramics.
ProGrabit is made from tempered M2 high-speed steel for long drill tip life, and its serrated edges are capable of biting into a damaged screw without slipping.
Two Xcel 3-1/2" station punch assemblies for Strippit punch presses feature fully-guided strippers and premium high-speed steel slitting punch inserts.
The coatings, in conjunction with the tooling substrates, including high-speed steel, cobalt, and carbide, allow for higher speeds and feeds, longer tool life, and reduced machining time.
Nichols is a manufacturer of high-speed steel and carbide cutting tools for screw machines and CNC machines.
The pins are made from M-2 high-speed steel and hardened from the surface to the core, making them suitable for glass-filled molding applications.
Conventional CNC equipment with carbide bits or high-speed steel bits can be used.
The company said it had agreed to buy the high-speed steel round bar, rod and coil long products business of the US group.
Attached is a picture of a 9/16" drill bit made in China of supposedly high-speed steel.
The bimetal blade construction with a heavy-set edge made of triple tempered M-42 high-speed steel teeth with 8-percent cobalt provides extra blade clearance to minimize binding or pinching when beam stresses are relieved or when bundles move during cutting.
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