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responding to or operating at a wide band of frequencies


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Connexion, Boeing's technically successful high-speed broadband communications system, is to be phased out.
All three sites have functioning PACS, but only Moosonee and Moose Factory Island have access to high-speed broadband.
Building owners and managers are able to offer a service that adds significant value to their space at a reasonable cost and the tenants have convenient high-speed broadband access, just like their larger competitors do.
These applications will be delivered over Winstar's high-speed broadband network.
Covad offers high-speed broadband wireless to over 3500 businesses in five markets nationwide: Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orange County and San Francisco.
Verizon Wireless is rolling out the next generation of its high-speed broadband network in greater Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, Las Cruces and Alamogordo, N.
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