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producing images that are sharp and finely detailed

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The High-Resolution Audio experience is free to attend and open to the public.
For example, a single high-resolution display can access as many as four different computers.
JVC plans to release full HD projection televisions in Japan and North America that will make use of the new device and the company's neXt generation high-resolution imaging technologies.
Two instruments in particular are dedicated to high-resolution powder-diffraction studies, the ESRF beam line BM16 and the Swiss-Norwegian beam line BM01B.
Lawrence Livermore is expected to receive about 10 more of these high-resolution displays by mid-2001 to further this research.
High-resolution CT can identify asymmetry in the size of the jugular fossa with preservation of the roof and jugular spine.
The company announced a plan to spend approximately $25 million over a period of 18 months to 2 years to significantly expand its participation in the rapidly growing high-resolution monitor market.
And with the increasing demand of high-resolution camera phones, this portion is expected to reach 38 percent in 2008.
A printer equipped with Laserfan is expected to cost under $3,000, compared to comparable high-resolution desktop printers which today cost $25,000, Mr.
The price of the high-resolution Laserfan will be $1,000 - $3,000, compared to comparable systems today which cost $25,000.
High-Resolution System Incorporates Best-Available Identification Technology
The fully assembled page is sent back in PostScript file format with full OPI comments and we then replace the low-resolution scan with the high-resolution original.
The new large frame Viper(TM) Pro SLA(R) system provides a large build volume up to - 29" x 25" x 21" - and a high-resolution laser system similar in capability to the well established smaller Viper(TM).
We created the high-resolution, plain-paper typesetter market in 1989 when we introduced the first affordable 1000-dpi plain-paper typesetter," said Mel Masters, LaserMaster CEO.
These system sales validate the importance of high-resolution x-ray tomography as a critical new analytical tool for semiconductor manufacturing," said Dr.
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