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Synonyms for high-ranking

raised to or occupying a high position or rank

Synonyms for high-ranking

at an elevated level in rank or importance

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Jordan Detains Four High-Ranking Officials on Corruption Charges
An Iranian high-ranking delegation including merchants and private sectors activists headed by President Ahmadinejad will visit Brazil to discuss expansion of ties in various fields including tourism, technical and engineering services, transportation, IT, high-tech industries, banking and trade.
He added that the draft-law to decrease the salaries of the said high-ranking officials shall decrease the salaries of each of the said high-ranking officials to 12 million Iraqi dinars monthly, the Parliament Members and ministers to 8 million dinars, under-secretries to 6 millions and director-generals to 4 million dinars per month.
The blacklist of former state security agents and collaborators already features Socialist President Georgi Parvanov, MPs, former constitutional judges, supreme magistrates, investigators, members of parliament, prominent and well-known former and current Bulgarian journalists, high-ranking employees of the Interior, the current Head of the Customs Agency, Vanio Tanov.
Heading a high-ranking delegation, Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Bin Ahmad Badawi will arrive in Tehran this evening and he will be welcomed by the Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki.
Summary: A high-ranking US official was quoted by the Kuwait News Agency
Among the high-ranking companies are The TriZetto Group of Newport Beach (54), Myrient of Aliso Viejo (93), j2 Global Communications of Hollywood (99) and Irvine's Broadcom (173).
In the rigidly structured clan, high-ranking animals enjoy the best access to food.
The primary reason we were able to succeed where others such as Lubrizol had failed was that we have Thai partners that have a long-term relationship with high-ranking military officials through their other Thai ventures.
Iranian Health Minister's Advisor for international affairs Mohammad Hossein Niknam, who heads a high-ranking health delegation, arrived in Beirut on Monday to further promote health cooperation with Lebanon.
The check has covered 1509 high-ranking NRA employees in Sofia and across the country.
In a meeting between the secretary of Iran`s Advisory Department of the Presidency in Free Zones Affairs, Mahmoud Salahi and high-ranking official of China`s Wai Gao Qiao Free Zone, Zhong Weilin, the two sides emphasized on information and experiences exchange in the spheres of industrial-commercial free zones.
The final toll from the ambush of police forces and awakening fighters in Duleimat village of Bani Saad district, 30 km south Baquba rose to 27 including three high-ranking police officers,"a Diala police source told Aswat al-Iraq.
Patrick Gomez, who is running against Baca in the March primary, said about 300 high-ranking officers and civilian executives were given late-model Ford Crown Victoria and Ford Taurus cars as ``perks'' to drive home to places as far away as Victorville and Dana Point.
In winter flocks, for example, females solicit attention from high-ranking males.