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Synonyms for high-ranking

raised to or occupying a high position or rank

Synonyms for high-ranking

at an elevated level in rank or importance

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Meanwhile, the number of high-ranking brass in the department has increased.
High-ranking speakers will present current results from Sino-European collaborative research projects.
He told the Islamic republic news agency that the decision about Bolivian representative to the ceremony has not been made yet but La Paz will certainly send a high-ranking official to Iran to attend the inauguration ceremony.
The Mayor's Office and others moved from anger on Friday, back more toward the middle,'' said one high-ranking source familiar with the jockeying.
Symbolic carvings on the miniature battens in Tomb 7 suggest that they were part of a bundle of objects often buried with high-ranking male priests, Flannery and Marcus contend.
The two sides have exchanged several delegations of high-ranking officials in the last three years.
On Sunday, the Hustler magazine publisher offered up to $1 million for stories from individuals who can prove they committed adultery with members of Congress or high-ranking government officials.
Moore, a former high-ranking civilian executive in the Department of Defense, to its ranks of high-value win strategists.
The prisoners could include high-ranking Iraqi officers and fanatical members of Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath party.
SCOTTISH hospitals are on standby to treat high-ranking Iraqi prisoners of war.
A report in The FT quotes US government sources as saying that a high-ranking Al Qaida leader sought by Washington in its war on terrorism has been recently captured and is in custody.
Sadzhaya, a respected and high-ranking official who was considered Georgian president Eduard Shevardnadze's right-hand man, killed himself the same day an interview with ex-premier Tanquiz Kitovani was published in which Kitovani claimed the security chief was gay.
Senior security sources revealed the chief superintendent's phone contained the names and numbers of high-ranking colleagues.
Today he is a stony, mysterious Vatican insider, an influential and high-ranking cleric who has the dying pope's ear, but may have lost his own soul.
High-ranking classrooms, however, had staff with more experience as teachers and who had been in their current positions longer than those in low-ranking classrooms.