high-protein diet

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a diet high in plant and animal proteins

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Hence, a high-protein diet can't strain your kidneys.
During the last scientific sessions of the American Heart Association two weeks ago, researchers presented the results of their study, suggesting that postmenopausal women (age 50 years or older) who follow a high-protein diet could be at greater risk of heart failure, especially if most of their protein comes from meat.
It later became apparent that during stocking, one slab tank from the abalone fed with the high-protein diet treatment received too many animals.
Mothers are also interested in a high-protein diet for their children as a way of supporting growth and development, and older consumers are consuming more protein to address frailty, loss of muscle strength and aging, O'Brien states.
After the women gave birth, the researchers calculated that those scoring high on the high-protein diet were the least likely to give birth preterm.
I think there is a reasonable body of evidence that a high-protein diet may have some benefits [over a high-carbohydrate diet] for some people with the metabolic syndrome because these people tend towards a lot of high-glycemic carbohydrates, which is not good," Dr.
In addition, previous research has indicated that there is some evidence that during weight loss, consumption of a high-protein diet might potentiate the impact of resistance exercise, compared with a high-carbohydrate diet, Mr.
Compared to the recommended 58 grams of protein per day for a 160-pound adult (about the average weight of volunteers in the potassium group), the low-protein diet consisted of 36 grams of protein a day, and the high-protein diet consisted of 109 grams of protein a day.
SCIENTISTS studying Alzheimer's disease in mice found a high-protein diet led them to develop smaller brains, according to new research.
Over thousands of years we have encouraged them to adapt their diet, to a eat a certain amount of grain-based food - dog biscuits and the like but that has undoubtedly led to the fact that they now produce a much greater amount of faeces than would be the case if they were fed that which their bodies demand - a high-protein diet.
One group was given a high-protein diet, the other a standard one.
4) found that feelings of hunger were lowest on a high-protein diet for 12 male students with nine-week dietary periods.
But long-term, a high-protein diet that is low in complex carbohydrates could have undesired effects.