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HPLighting, a Taiwanese/Japanese joint venture formed in 2005, will use Intematix White Lightning WL-NY450TM / WL-NY460TM, and other color phosphors, to address the burgeoning large LCD backlight market along with other high-profile application areas.
Among the high-profile performers present were Rob Schneider, Valerie Harper, Esai Morales, Tyne Daly, Diane Ladd, Connie Stevens, Joely Fisher, Renee Taylor, Sally Kirkland, Frances Fisher, Bonnie Bartlett, former SAG President William Daniels and current SAG national officers McCord and Elliot Gould.
It was a challenge and we were definitely up for it as we had to work very closely with a number of players including an extremely high-profile owner, architects, engineers and numerous employees.
But two brothers have the inside track on baseball celebs, as well as other high-profile clients.
Whatever the district attorney said was drowned out by the press conference,'' said Mark Geragos, a prominent Los Angeles attorney who himself is wrapped up in the high-profile defense of Scott Peterson in the Laci Peterson murder case.
Advertisers, corporate sponsors and event fans will now be able to access special high-profile events to buy sponsorship packages, event tables, show tickets and program book ad space, all from one online location.
Users of the New York subway system can see our design work in high-profile facilities that range from Grand Central Station in 1998 to the recently opened West 72nd Street Station.
Less than a week after announcing a crackdown on movie piracy, Los Angeles police announced Tuesday that they had made their first arrest in a high-profile case - an LAPD captain who was taken into custody on suspicion of running a business illegally duplicating hundreds of DVDs.
Based on a review of the inmate's file and institutional adjustment and, if needed, discussion with the transition assistance officer, staff determine whether the inmate meets the high-profile criteria for public safety concern, media attention or notoriety.
While public officials may clamor for a reduction in high-profile crimes to decrease the overall crime rate, minor crimes increase the overall crime rate because they account for such a large portion of total crime.
to Photobucket, GeekSquad to LinkedIn, Oracle to Callidus Software, and NBC Entertainment to IMAX -- Atomic executives have honed their talents propelling well-known brands, launching high-profile start-ups, and energizing high visibility projects.
It's about a high-octane legal firm specializing in high-profile cases; its partners are self-assured to a degree that could diplomatically be described as off-putting.
If this doesn't sound like a typical high-profile movie about encounters with extraterrestrials, it's because it isn't.
Over the past year alone, Carlton has arranged the acquisition and/or recapitalization of a number of high-profile assets, including the General Motors Building (pending) and 11 Madison Avenue (world headquarters of CS First Boston) in New York, Bank of America Center in San Francisco and 1111 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC, among numerous others.
NEW YORK -- The National Law Journal([R]) today announced the selection of litigator and high-profile defense attorney Theodore V.