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having high principles

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Her high-principled retort was that the European Commission was totally correct in reclaiming misspent farming subsidies from member states where rules had been broken.
What a splendidly high-principled chap that Mr Hague suddenly seems to be.
The revised voluntary PhRMA Code contains 17 pages of high-principled objectives as well as rules that prescribe specific behaviors.
His story is ultimately a double biography of father and daughter, 'this pious and high-principled woman' and of her role both during his lifetime and, as important, after his death.
I now have a fully functioning bike so who knows to what high-principled excesses it might lead?
I am sure that people would have more respect for them if they had resigned over a more high-principled matter, such as the war in Iraq, or all the other occasions when Wales has been let down by New Labour.
Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen High-principled woman who is not so superficial as to be taken in by wealth and good looks chooses the handsome, sh *** le one anyway.
Lucy (Bullock) is the high-principled lawyer with a social conscience who meets property developer George (Grant), a man who makes millions by trampling on the little people.
But the FCC apparently aims to end this practice in a high-principled, idealistic fashion.
Her attorney, Gloria Allred, usually a high-principled advocate, was quoted saying: ``We're not taking a stand against football pools, but nobody should be required to participate in them as part of their job.