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Nevertheless, this high-principled approach to channelling money productively stands in stark contrast to the "absolutely anything for a buck" stance of Western investors, who are surely heading for another, and perhaps even harder fall.
HOW satisfying their 40-day prayer vigil outside an abortion clinic must have been for those high-principled Birmingham rosaryrattlers.
Resuming the six-party talks without preconditions, as it was unanimously agreed at the recent DPRK-Russia summit, acting on the joint statement of September 19 (2005) in a comprehensive and balanced way and on the principle of synchronized action and thereby implementing the denuclearization of the entire Korean Peninsula -- this is the unchangeable and high-principled position of ours,'' Kim said.
Her high-principled retort was that the European Commission was totally correct in reclaiming misspent farming subsidies from member states where rules had been broken.
What a splendidly high-principled chap that Mr Hague suddenly seems to be.
The revised voluntary PhRMA Code contains 17 pages of high-principled objectives as well as rules that prescribe specific behaviors.
His story is ultimately a double biography of father and daughter, 'this pious and high-principled woman' and of her role both during his lifetime and, as important, after his death.
I now have a fully functioning bike so who knows to what high-principled excesses it might lead?
I am sure that people would have more respect for them if they had resigned over a more high-principled matter, such as the war in Iraq, or all the other occasions when Wales has been let down by New Labour.
Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen High-principled woman who is not so superficial as to be taken in by wealth and good looks chooses the handsome, sh *** le one anyway.
Lucy (Bullock) is the high-principled lawyer with a social conscience who meets property developer George (Grant), a man who makes millions by trampling on the little people.
Under the Ming Dynasty, in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, several high officials who were ordered to return to their duties after a much briefer period of mourning leave were vehemently criticized by high-principled officials.
But the FCC apparently aims to end this practice in a high-principled, idealistic fashion.