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Synonyms for high-pressure

Synonyms for high-pressure

aggressively and persistently persuasive


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Although log washers may handle large clay deposits better, a high-pressure washer helps producers add value to materials that would otherwise be considered waste.
With the addition of Contech, Shiloh further increases its top position as a provider of high-pressure, high-vacuum casting and structural squeeze cast components aimed at removing weight from vehicles, president and CEO Ramzi Hermiz commented.
High-pressure processing compresses foods in chambers using very high pressure for a short period of time to maintain freshness and quality without adding chemicals to the product.
A vertically split casing with a heavy-bolted head is a classic design for high-pressure applications, which is not practical for very high pressures, because there is not enough space on the compressor head for the heavy bolts required.
The best solution is to remove the radios when you use high-pressure hoses to wash your vehicles.
High-pressure processing is equally effective on molds, bacteria, viruses and parasites.
Custom formulates rigid, flexible, semi-rigid and elastomer urethane systems and distributes full line of low- and high-pressure dispensing equipment for pour, spray, and RIM.
The high-pressure air required to operate the conveyor was available from a standard industrial air compressor already in the plant.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-29 August 2005-Scania and Cummins join forces to produce new generation of high-pressure injectors for diesel engines(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Nevamar[R] decorative surfaces include a variety of lifelike woods captured in a versatile high-pressure laminate.
This book covers the state-of-the-art on the use of high-pressure technology in food processing and preservation.
A cryostated high-pressure containment provides the high thermal stability and fast cooling rates.
For polyurethane manufacturers whose simple two-component processes or lower production rates do not require the complexity and additional cost associated with a more advanced metering machine system, the A-Compact high-pressure metering machine is ideal, says Cannon USA.
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