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Synonyms for high-mindedness

elevated ideals or conduct

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Detlef Mertins describes the Germanification of the original idea; Robert L Herbert's account of Leger's dedication to the type of public participation in art normally associated with the puritan high-mindedness of northern Europe reminded me of the artist's church tapestry of Audincourt of 1950 which provided Basil Spence with a precedent for Sutherland's at Coventry.
The president's high-mindedness is one of many pressures felt by tribes that are finally enjoying the luck of the draw.
So, prepare for regulations combining high-mindedness and low cunning.
Though the central character is overly idealistic and hyperbolic, but at the same time he is also the personification of certain virtues like high-mindedness, justice, courage, optimism, tenacity, resolution, and a sense of noblesse oblige - the ideals not only worth reflecting upon but worthy of emulation.
Her exhaustively assembled grab bag of scientific curiosities, forgotten photographs, snippets of old love letters and mash notes to creativity a imagine the high-mindedness of a TED talk mixed with the pop sensibility of P.
But Ayer can't resist tossing the high-mindedness out of the window for a frankly ludicrous David vs Goliath battle at the end.
Dugal said: "The Baha'i International Community is deeply touched by this act of high-mindedness and the sentiments of religious tolerance and respect for human dignity that prompted it.
This high-mindedness contrasts with Paradise Street's infamous reputation, said Ron Jones renowned author of The American Connection, detailing the city's US links.
However, he posits that in the future, Fund managers may abandon that ethical high-mindedness in pursuit of profit opportunities in the developing world.
So in picking up Rene Levesque, one wonders if Plutarchean high-mindedness will in fact prevail.
Whatever their claims to high-mindedness, "the emotional reality beneath the surface [exhibits] a curious sadomasochistic delight in proclaiming Israel to be an irredeemably polluted society, close to collapse.
All the unbroken high-mindedness can be difficult to keep up with, but it's worth it.
While I have been a voting Republican all my life, I find it disgusting that, for all the high-mindedness that they preach, our business community can't follow moral business practices.
Prospects of a similar outbreak of high-mindedness in the U.
Waters complicates and flouts the boundaries of taste, but there's no disingenuousness in his assault on all guises of high-mindedness.
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