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poker in which the high and low hands split the pot

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And the signing defendant will argue it always intended to shift blame to the nonsigning defendant, even before the high-low agreement.
Louis- whether a goal is a high-low range goal (lose 2 to 4 pounds this week) or a single number goal (lose 3 pounds this week) has a systematic effect on goal reengagement.
This analysis points to certain beauty markets where high-low portfolio pricing strategy holds, but also highlights segments that are neglecting the middle market, which means losing overall.
Hertz, whose company specializes in beds, believes the high-low movement is one of the two biggest changes he's seen to beds in recent years.
The high-low pulley system enables the user to perform functional movements with unlimited speed, unlimited compliant force, along with complete free range of motion.
Each acoustic duo consisted of any of four combinations of high-and low-frequency tones (high-high, high-low, low-high, low-low).
In the May 31, 1998 issue of IBO, the IBO Stock Index table showed the incorrect 52 week high-low range for Hach Company's stock price: 8.
This is the first time the company has instituted a high-low strategy on any of its cookware lines, Samuelson said.
The full Point of View, "In the Eye of the Beholder: High-Low Pricing Strategies are not Always Suitable for Beauty," is available for free download here.
Written by expert Omaha high-low player Bill Boston, Omaha High-Low is a no-nonsense guide for serious gamblers determined to win and make money.
4 will flash up the lane line if he sees #5 dive, keeping our high-low in order.
com has thousands of players from all over the world that participate in a fun friendly environment playing Texas Hold'em, Seven Card Stud, Omaha High-Low, and hundreds of tournaments each week, including Multi-Table tournaments.
Contract notice: Electric high-low beds with bedside tables and eettablet for wzc and wzc ter potterie ten boom grove.