high-level language

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a problem-oriented language requiring little knowledge of the computer on which it will be run

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SRC is the only reconfigurable system vendor that also provides a tightly integrated ANSI standard C and Fortran high-level language programming environment with both development and debug capability.
A robust RASC solution must incorporate full integrated high-level language development tools," said Bill Mannel, director, Systems Group, SGI.
BINACHIP is the only company that starts with binaries rather than a high-level language and can do fine-grain mapping," according to industry analyst Will Strauss, president of Forward Concepts.
According to Raj Singh, senior vice-president of worldwide marketing and sales at Synfora, "With Synfora's newest products, designers can express complete, complex SoC blocks in a high-level language and produce fully timed, verifiable RTL that feeds any design flow.
We believe that the new generation of high-level language design tools give us these capabilities and consider the DK Design Suite to be the most proven and best available solution.
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