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Synonyms for high-level

at an elevated level in rank or importance

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occurring at or from a relative high altitude

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Kasi pag high-level drug trafficking, maraming sa mga issues na ginagamit nila pang counter sa death penalty ay wala, absent na,' he said.
gallinarum can capture the genetic determinants of high-level glycopeptide resistance, probably under selective pressure conditions that do not permit survival of a host organism with constitutive low-level resistance (3).
The Yucca Mountain repository, just across the California border from Death Valley, would hold up to 77,000 tons of high-level radioactive waste, which when unshielded would be fatal to anyone standing nearby, even for a moment.
Select two low-, two middle-, and two high-level clouds.
The debugger provides a separate window for each process, supports mixed assembly and high-level language formats, and includes a language-sensitive expression evaluator.
We could suggest no reason why different factors would affect actual use of high-level features in the two countries.
Though Congress had ordered the federal government to begin accepting high-level radioactive wastes by 1998 for disposal at a yet-undetermined site, DOE now says it cannot offer a permanent storage vault until 2010 at the earliest.
The BitTracer helps eliminate this problem by having one piece of equipment that can display the logic analyzer state listing (as the logic analyzer does), but still show the high-level packet information that a protocol analyzer does.
The Saban Forum provides its high-level participants with an opportunity for a candid exchange about the complex challenges facing the United States and Israel in the Middle East.
The new product, Rivermine[R] Call Accounting, will help provide companies a greater level of visibility into their telecom environment from high-level dashboards down to the detailed call record level.
The challenge, then, said Paret, is to come up with a way of managing these massive infrastructures that concentrates on end-to-end service delivery, based upon streamlined, high-level models, rather than today's focus on individual resources -- virtualized or real -- on a domain-by-domain basis.
After comparing multiple high-level synthesis tools, FMSL reports that the Catapult Synthesis tool's ANSI C++ methodology creates higher-quality designs in less time than SystemC-based synthesis methodologies.
Sumit Gupta, product marketing manager at Tensilica, co-wrote the chapter "Parallelizing High-Level Synthesis: A Code Transformational Approach to High-Level Synthesis," with Rajesh Gupta of University of California, San Diego, and Gaurav Singh and Sandeep Shukla of Virginia Tech.
This marks the first time STMicroelectronics has included high-level synthesis technology in its ASIC design kit, making electronic system level (ESL) design methodologies accessible to ASIC designers throughout the world.
Pioneer selected the Catapult C Synthesis tool based on the superior design productivity, ease of use and the track record of this product after comparing it with other high-level synthesis tools.
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