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Consider the example of La Ville (The City), 1919, a painting that has long anchored the Philadelphia Museum's collection of early-twentieth-century European art, and which takes pride of place in this exhibition: Nearly ten feet long and eight feet tall, The City renders its titular subject as a Cubist scaffold of high-keyed, flatly painted planes organized into (roughly) three columnar bays--a nod, perhaps, to Robert Delaunay's tripartite city allegory, La Ville de Paris, 1912.
And since Teresa Capucilli, who portrayed Emily, is by nature a high-keyed dancer, the action rushed and swirled, relentlessly sweeping along Dakin and Denise Vale as her sisters, Donlin Foreman and Floyd Flynn as the tempestuous lovers.
Rockman's new works are more akin, in their loose brushwork and high-keyed palette, to his 2006 series "American Icon," in which American landmarks decay amid lushly overgrown landscapes.
The images may be divided into two groups, one prickly in both image and mood, populated by cacti and bristling with high-keyed decorative motifs, the other overripe, packed, and burgeoning.
Shrewdly articulating Pop's affective qualities and its high-keyed response to a roiling American culture, Swenson became a quasi spokesperson for the "movement," going so far as to write signed copy for the announcement of Warhol's historic Brillobox show at Stable Gallery.
Whether sending out press releases and personalized invitations for what turned out to be a fictitious panel discussion on Conceptual art in 1989 (he got me on that one, and the embarrassment/exhilaration of being so artfully and aptly tricked was unforgettable), or having fourteen street and shopping-mall caricaturists do on-the-spot portraits of him and showing the results at the Drawing Center in New York in 1991, Blanchon was driven by a restless, high-keyed humor and a kind of incredulity over how many ways there are to foster artistic engagement and how few of them are pursued in the contemporary art world.
He reduces figures to iconic and cartoony signs, using high-keyed color and pancaking form to brighten and splay his images against the wall.
Even Baran's color has started to simmer, becoming more deeply suffused than her previous high-keyed contrasts.
Although many of these cartoonish works transcend derision in their high-keyed Matissean clarity, a few, such as The Lesson, 1981 - in which the artist-as-initiate ponders a Sanskrit inscription while flanked by images of Ganesha and Hanuman - bring to mind Johnny Carson as Carnac the Magnificent.
Delicate filaments, mostly visual, some literary, linked disparate works in which high-keyed color, graphic precisionism, and over-the-top subject matter predominated.
Jean-Michel Meurice's slick vertical wall-size banners in high-keyed colors, for example, did nothing to alleviate the impression of vapid prettiness often conveyed by the production of the group per se, underlining its frequently sophomoric attitude toward color and its sentimental relationship to materials.
But the phenomenon extends much further: galleries, particularly those in Los Angeles, have been mounting more than a few exhibitions by newcomers who also traffic in precisely defined shapes and high-keyed, immaculate colors.
They reveal dramatic tonal relationships--with an overload of high-keyed color, this is no small accomplishment--and in many the various sections are joined by rhythmic stapling.
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