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(used of loans) charging a relatively large percentage of the amount borrowed


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A 2016 survey by ACORN of its members showed that high-interest loans were availed because of non-availability of credit card, lines of credit and no overdraft protection.
Payoff, a financial wellness company, has partnered with Chicago-based Alliant Credit Union to help consumers eliminate high-interest rate credit card debt with the Payoff Loan program, the company said.
McVey slashes poor people's benefits, then her campaign benefits from a company selling the high-interest loans her victims take out to feed their children.
The books in this series offer a high-interest format and well-rounded writing.
Across Scotland, Citizens Advice offices are counting 100 people a week walking through the doors with debt problems accrued from taking out a high-interest, high-street loan.
Mr Cuthbert and his predecessor Huw Lewis have both targeted expansion of the credit union movement as an alternative to high-street banks and high-interest payday loan merchants.
The risk is especially relevant given the increased use of high-interest loans in recent years encourages consumers to purchase higher value vehicles while keeping their monthly repayments at an affordable level.
Earlier this year I wrote to the UK business minister seeking greater regulation and consideration of a cap on interest rates for high-interest and payday lending.
67 million), thanks to remarkable sales of high-interest investment-oriented insurance policies.
SINCE 2003, federal, state, and local governments have been hustling to impose onerous restrictions on payday lenders, who offer high-interest, short-term loans, often taken out against the guarantee of a future paycheck.
UP TO 150,000 people in Birmingham are trapped in a vicious spiral of debt at the mercy of high-interest lenders and payday loan companies.
A CALL for independent research to be carried out into high-interest loans has been made by Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland MP Tom Blenkinsop.
The CBA representative Ashot Mkrtchyan pleaded that the CBA wants low-interest credits, but high-interest deposits.
The KASASA Cash checking account is a high-interest checking account that requires accountholders to take certain steps to be able to earn the higher interest, including at least one regular direct deposit, electronic statements, online banking and 10 debit card purchases per month.
this spring and summer sponsored a $10,000 sweepstakes to publicize the upgrade of its high-interest, online banking service.
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