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Synonyms for high-hat

to treat in a superciliously indulgent manner

characteristic of or resembling a snob

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There's the shiny pop songs with jangly guitars, leapy falsetto choruses, off-beat high-hats and deeply catchy hooks.
Again, we're teaching the lineman to have a much longer first step vs high-hat pass sets.
We turned right and entered the forest, skirting the edge of the hill on a mound of loose rocks, which reminded us of their instability with a resounding crunch from each step followed by the skitter of a few rocks racing into the abyss - like a bass beat with a high-hat brush.
anyone expecting a rave track, with its waves of choirboy panoramas and too much high-hat.
Frothingslosh, with his bowtie, pencil mustache, eye monocle and high-hat.
Destroy another and it's a high-hat or a keyboard swirl.
IT'S NOT unusual to go for weeks in Northern Ireland without as much as a high-hat or a phat bassline.
It's the high-hat cymbal crash heard 'round the country, and the echo begins this week as Verizon launches a consumer marketing promotion tied to its sponsorship of the new IMAX film, "ALL ACCESS: Front Row.
Research is a high-hat word that scares a lot of people.
Before this excursion into the underground, you need to know that Jenkinson is part of the British jungle/drum and bass scene, with its heavy, bone-rattling bass mixed with rapid-fire, high-hat drums, bathed in electronics and sampling beats from other records.