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He lauded Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for taking notice of high-handedness of private schools and demanded stern action against those fleecing parents on one pretext or other.
The daily crimes and high-handedness perpetrated by Israel, the occupying power, and the settlers, against Palestine, as a land, people and holy sites, unveil with all clarity the true face of the occupying power, which is bent on contravening all international laws and norms and human rights", the House said in a statement.
NAB has an efficient system of responding to complaints of high-handedness, corruption and unprofessional and unethical conduct lodged against its employees.
Taking notice of the police high-handedness, the SHC had summoned the IGP as well as the home secretary to appear in the court with their appropriate replies to justify the police action.
Then, the clan took time in doing a fire fighting job, giving him all the space to cash in on the resultant large-scale public resentment against the police high-handedness on his party activists to build up his public persona enormously.
Mirza's master stroke: Minister has walked the talk by ordering a probe into the allegations of high-handedness from the part of a few EWA employees who had trespassed into a house to disconnect power.
The incident, which was receiving widespread media coverage, is a potentially sensitive one for the military and the government, with coastal communities frequently expressing exasperation at what they see as high-handedness by the navy.
The US authorities showing an increased high-handedness in the case arrested Krittika on mere suspicion.
Superintendent of Police, Bijapur, Prashant Agrawal, said: "Influenced by the surrender and rehabilitation policy of the administration, ten Maoists have laid down their arms and expressed disappointment over the high-handedness of senior cadres.
Complainants were bound to suffer high-handedness, he said, adding drivers and people were helpless.
He also stated that finance was given on favourable terms, and "entirely free of the usual meddling and high-handedness of some of the friends from outside".
Museveni said Chinese lending is also "completely free of the usual meddling and high-handedness of some of the friends from outside".
Speaking to Headlines Today, the victim said that she would not be cowed down by the high-handedness of police and would continue to demand justice from the state government.
Meanwhile, media personnel held a protest at New Delhi's "Press Club of India" on Monday afternoon against the high-handedness by the Delhi Police on journalists and cameramen yesterday.
initiated case against Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom over alleged copyright violations by customers of the online storage firm is unraveling in New Zealand due to police missteps and American high-handedness.