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Synonyms for high-handed

Synonyms for high-handed

given to haughty disregard of others


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It is a depressing development that they can high-handedly release a statement crafted on their own terms and refuse to comment further than that.
It comes off less as a strategy and more as a confession of profound insecurity and the fact is that most people who behave high-handedly do it because they are meanspirited and need to compensate for their limited intelligence.
But doesn't Ms Blencowe offer herself as a target for criticism when she high-handedly institutes a range of Draconian rules at a Castle Vale school, where she's recently taken over as head?
The DPJ-led administration used its superior weight of numbers to manage Diet affairs even more high-handedly than Liberal Democratic Party-led administrations did.
Rand was famously opinionated high-handedly dismissive of those who disagreed with her and according to her critics frequently self-contradictory and not always well informed.
Ali Abdullah Saleh was the man who high-handedly orchestrated much of recent Yemeni politics.