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Synonyms for high-handed

Synonyms for high-handed

given to haughty disregard of others


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But he was said to have clashed with fans with a high-handed approach to telling them to sit down.
It is dangerous if the so-called doctor has a high-handed unapproachable attitude, an air of confidence and, worse still, has no clue of what he or she is doing.
It is these high-handed parking attendants that are forcing people to prefer out-of-town shopping centres.
Worse still was the high-handed level of no information on relevant webs, poor advice and no one on hand to help as people juggled with the dilemma of travelling via the West Coast route to get anywhere 'north' or head north via Manchester/Leeds/ York where fortunately a delayed train hoved into view as the last chance to reach Newcastle.
Another case was that of George Newby, a man accused of "high-handed contempt for God's word; reproaches of the minister and profane neglect of God's public worship on the Lord's day, and high-handed debauching.
She said CM Mamata Banerjee was not speaking with farmers and her approach was high-handed.
We deplore this high-handed approach and we want our police stations to be an active part of community policing, not isolated bunkers.
The bank had banned 23 banks from acquiring customers for their wealth-management services, following allegations of fraud and high-handed debt-collection methods.
I think it would be appropriate for the school governors to reconsider their land grab or at least to explain to the people of Coventry why they have taken this high-handed action.
It was only after his high-handed attitude was attacked by furious MPs and tax reform campaginers that he was forced into making a grovelling personal apology 12 hours later.
The current anxiety is that the Bulgarian ministry of culture has suddenly woken up and begun to act in a high-handed manner without reasonable consultation.
The author drew a parallel with the high-handed attitude adopted by Gwynedd Council when deciding the closure of Aberdyfi and Llanegryn schools.
Future bloc Parliamentarian, Nougad Mashnouk, has disclosed that Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri finds himself in extremely tight spot vis-Ea-vis high-handed demands put to him by Hizbullah and oppositionists.
On the one hand there was a high-handed usurpation of a sovereign country, racism, cruelty, graft, greed and deceit.
It seems remarkable that the council are being unhelpful, high-handed, and arrogant.