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a gesture of greeting or elation

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With handshakes and high-fives, that's fine for me," she adds.
I have a couple of children, and they have been told that if they high-five one another that's instant detention, and if they do it three times they will be expelled," John said.
2) The Mets' Carlos Beltran gives Jose Reyes a high-five after Reyes hit a homer in the first inning.
He said: "I put a sign up saying I could no longer high-five children.
JUST POP IT IN THE TOP CORNER, SON Rod shows the way, despite missing the ball, then Alastair gets it right for a high-five
A basketball player for the Santa Clarita Sharks made it a point to high-five as many spectators as he could en route to the field.
THIS cheetah must have something to celebrate as it raises a paw in a high-five gesture.
NO-ONE is sure of the origin of the high-five but it's thought to be the original name of the Rolling Stones.
PRINCE William gives a high-five to a delighted crowd of well-wishers.
It's not uncommon for him to high-five fans from the putting green to the tee box.
Terrance Johnson had just hit a 3-pointer, one that had Westphal coming onto the court to high-five him as play continued.
Also, the Valencia High-Five Classic begins today and continues through Saturday night.
Lakers ball boy Mike Zwick walked off the court after the team's Game 6 victory over Sacramento last week when a bearded man walked by and offered a celebratory high-five.
Fifth-graders in Deni Lopez's class at Park View Center School in Simi Valley get a high-five from Jiminy Cricket.