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a dining table in a dining-hall raised on a platform

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The High Table dinner starts with a warm Arabian welcome and exclusive reception on the lower helipad deck.
It also has a sofa, painted bookcases, and a high table that provides a great place to pull up a chair and work on your laptop.
India is content with itself, and driven by the will to sit on the high table of prosperity.
This turned out to be a fine place to watch the next set and more from a high table close to a widescreen TV.
In another work in the exhibition, the artist has painted a hand, trying but failing to reach an apple on a high table.
Whiskey and soda is a Thai favorite, Clement says, and it's common in Thai-style bars called "kitchen table discos" for patrons to bring a bottle of whiskey to a club to share around a small, high table.
On the menu: The High Table restaurant has a great value Sunday lunch at pounds 13.
However, it is also part of a wider ambition to push Sunderland on to the high table of software destinations.
She is currently editing The Collectecl Poems of Hope Mirrlees, forthcoming from Carcanet in 2011, and researching at Newnham College, Cambridge, as a Member of High Table, where she also does some teaching.
What they're doing is using small depths of cut and high table feeds.
There is a high table after that, shared by the external affairs minister, finance minister, the law minister and the road transport minister.
The moving column design eliminates the need for outriggers or outboard supportive ways to support high table loads.
Walk into the new facility's lobby, with its wood paneling and columns and archways leading to an aquatics center, and you might think you're on the way to a high table.
if enough people speak out instead of kow-towing to the Abramovich billions, perhaps the message will get through that Chelsea simply cannot treat us as if we're serfs simply surviving from the scraps tossed down from the high table.
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