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Synonyms for high sign

an expressive, meaningful bodily movement

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a silent signal of warning or recognition

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Senate Gives High Sign to Limited Medical Marijuana, by Eva Hershaw - Epilepsy patients in Texas would have access to medicinal oils containing a therapeutic component found in marijuana under legislation the state Senate passed Thursday.
Macie Ghahari, from Newcastle, was the winner of the exceptional overall award based on her replica of Church High School including a miniature Church High sign.
He has already taken his brush and step-ladder out to sort out a high sign for Linden Road, and has cleaned up the sign for St Johns Road, off Harborne High Street.
The 15m by 1m high sign spelling out Cramlington is earmarked for the Barns Park Roundabout entrance on Dudley Lane.
A 16-ft high sign has been erected at the Brandwood End Phase One construction site, on the corner of Sunderton Road and Woodthorpe Road, where the building of 36 new homes is under way.
His accomplice, Sharp, would give the high sign out the window when a potential target wandered into a stall.
A 3ft high sign stood in the garden of Daviot Church manse.
Chelsea are the superior team but are badly missing their wide players and Liverpool have had the high sign on their London rivals in recent games.
This afternoon, Fleming will see the fruits of all his hard work realized when four players from Antelope Valley High sign letters of intent to play football at Division I universities.
Among the albums often cited by critics is "This Land," a pair of recordings of music he composed for three silent Buster Keaton films: "The High Sign," "One Week" and "Go West.
This new survey is a high sign from the voters that the time has come for the Senate to pass small business health plans.