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McNamara had a companion and they were standing against the canteen bar of the lunchroom and they were having a high old time.
Since summer 2006, though, The View have had a high old time supporting Primal Scream and Babyshambles, appearing on the NME Brats tour, and generally gaining a reputation as the hardest gigging band in Britain and beyond.
Richard Gere, who has reinvented his career, merrily, by playing motor-mouthed hustlers with a heart, has a high old time as Simon Hunt, a fallen TV network correspondent who is hooked on danger.
Kirk in the next "Star Trek" movie) is having a high old time as Pullman's surfer-dude son, the slacker progeny destined to save Chateau Montelena.
And there's splendid support, too, from Mike Fleming (Lieut Gruber), Nick Whitehouse, as the apoplectic General Von Schmelling, and Peter Dent, who has a high old time in the second half as Capt Alberto Bertorelli.
Vera Farmiga has a high old time in her brief role as an Eastern European hooker who would like to make a client out of Will.
A few weeks ago, if you recall, Britain's Prince Harry was having himself a high old time at a Colonials and Natives party to which he came costumed as a Nazi officer.
Denise Phillips' chuckle-filled production is splendidly served by its players, with the multi-expressioned Mary Dodd in particular having a high old time with her headphones on, her eyes closed and her arms conducting a succession of arias that we are not privileged to hear.
CITROEN is currently enjoying a high old time of it in the world of gadgetry and gizmos.
Chris and Colin Weir, from Largs, seem to be having a high old time dishing out large wodges of the PS161million they won on the EuroMillions five years ago.
The broadcaster and the cabbie continue to have a high old time travelling around the country, eating, drinking and enjoying the company of the locals.
Some of us had a really high old time at the Y on Lexington at 92 Street this past week.
Your party will be a soaring success and you're bound to have a high old time with this bumper pack of 20 rockets.
HIGH OLD TIME Entertainers at the revels in Newcastle last night.
and if photographs are any evidence, it was a high old time to be in Hawaii.