high horse

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an attitude of arrogant superiority

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Red Lodge, 9 West High Horse Close, in Rowlands Gill, is for sale at offers over PS390,000, through Signature by Mark Small, tel: 0191 281 1037.
Billy's High Horse tour is his first in Scotland since he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and prostate cancer last year.
COUNCILLOR Ann Lucas wants to get oher high horse and start concentrating on making our city great again instead of removing councillors such as George Duggins from the cabinet, who has in my opinion always given 100 per cent as a councillor in whatever role was asked of him by our council.
Please do not print my name and address - the neighbours will only talk and say she's on her high horse again.
So while you sit there on your high horse claiming that disabled people get a better deal than everyone else, try thinking about what we have given up to get the privilege of a new car.
When I start to get on my high horse and say don't do this or don't do that they said, 'Well, Dad you did all of those things', and of course they are right, I did," he added.
But Keane warned: "We can't get on the high horse and start thinking we have achieved anything - far from it.
Councillors who get on their high horse in the interest of their public are no different to NCP shareholders making a profit from their public, but unwilling to declare it.
It's about time the likes of Stephen Green got down off his high horse and set about building bridges.
I talk with pride about Birmingham when I am away from the Midlands and my hometown friends down south must be bored rigid when I mount my high horse to eulogise the place.
Leon Wieseltier on the Holocaust Museum is at once magnificent and maddening (oh, what a high horse that man can ride, especially when, as is often the case, he's right).
Tenders are invited for Gear Case Complete For High Horse Power Traction Motor 207 Kw For 25 Kv Ac Bg Emus And Memus As Per Bhel S Drg No.
The Big Yin has announced he will perform 12 dates in New Zealand, where wife Pamela was born, for his latest stand-up show, the High Horse Tour.
So before Mr Simpson gets on his high horse and tells us all about the downtrodden poor, just remember the people who unfortunately for whatever reason cannot get into a house where their children can enjoy some living space.