high horse

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an attitude of arrogant superiority

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And you think anyone's going to listen when you're on your high horse like that?
This could be when your pride must win, You jump on your high horse in a self-righteous way, And think there is nothing more to say.
Anne Marie I am laughing at all these people on their high horse as if they've never got a bit too drunk
Glasgow's games Gary Ralston's overview PAGES 4-5 Athletics The track stars to watch PAGES 6-7 Cycling They're hell on wheels PAGES 8-9 Aquatics Stars will make a splash PAGES 10-11 Bowls Green for gold at Kelvingrove PAGE 12 Judo Scots ready for mat finish PAGE 13 Rugby Sevens All the action from Ibrox PAGE 14 Boxing Meet our kings of the ring PAGE 15 Glasgow Map Key guide to the action PAGES 16-17 Netball Girls will jump through hoops PAGE 18 Hockey Stick in, we might win this PAGES 19 Badminton You can Bankier on glory PAGE 20 Gymnastics Get on your high horse PAGE 21 Weightlifting Gold medals will lift the mood PAGE 22 Triathlon Swim.
The rest of his High Horse Tour will be spent in Glasgow SECC, where he will perform for 7 days from Oct.
Ford's brother, Doug, then slammed the Hollywood star on YouTube, saying the latter was an "arrogant SOB who needs to get off his high horse and be real".
Get off your high horse, pack your own shopping, control your kids and stop moaning.
The upper echelon of the army appears to have mounted its high horse, followed its Sat Nav and galloped off into the realms of fantasy.
Getting on a high horse and acting angry Is not the solution.
ANYONE else get a vision of the old major from Fawlty Towers when Sir Alex got on his "typical Germans" high horse on Wednesday night?
HER debut Hindi film hardly got her any ' luck', but Shruti Haasan seems already atop a high horse.
Leahy was on his high horse about how the Earth will soon be engulfed in a vast carrier bag-shaped metaphor if more isn't done to stop global warming.
have zero -- nada -- right to get on the moral high horse and call for a protest, speak out, snub, or even more ludicrous, a boycott, of the Olympics.
A portrait of High Horse (Tasunke Wankatuya), taken in 1900.
My advice to Mrs Henry is to get off her high horse and think a bit before she writes her next letter, which I am sure won't be long.